Television: My Husband’s Lover

"My Husband's Lover"

What would you do if you find out that your husband is cheating on you–with another man?

This is the story of Lally Agatep-Soriano (Carla Abellana), her struggle to be the best wife for the husband she loves, and her discovery of her husband’s most kept secret. This is the story of Vincent Soriano (Tom Rodriguez), and the effort he makes in keeping his two worlds–the one with wife Lally, and the one he’s not ready to reveal to everyone–apart. And this is also the story of Eric del Mundo (Dennis Trillo), the man who will come between husband and wife.

My Husband’s Lover is not an easy story to tell.

Sure, you can say that it’s just another love story with a third party. But when have you seen a story where you empathize with the third party? Because we know where Lally is coming from, we know where she wants to go, and we don’t want her to get hurt.

Yes, Lally is the wife. But in this love story, if you read the synopsis that’s going around the ‘net, and if you watch the trailers that has been released, you’ll understand: the wife is the third party between two men who love each other.

Does that make Vincent and Eric the villains in the story? No. They’re not even antagonists. They love. And they love Lally. Well, Vincent does. To a point. And they hurt too. Because growing up, they know that many people would look at them and say that their love is wrong.

But how can love be wrong?

This is one of the question that this new show endeavors to explore beginning tonight, June 10, when GMA-7 presents the compelling stories of a wife, of her husband, and of her husband’s lover.

From the creative mind of Suzette Doctolero, with the writing team of Amaya and One True Love, the production team of The Good Daughter and Temptation of Wife, and director Dominic Zapata, My Husband’s Lover also features Kuh Ledesma, Chanda Romero, Glydel Mercado, and Mr. Roi Vinzon. Also part of the cast are Pancho Magno, Victor Basa, Kevin Santos, Bettina Carlos, Karel Marquez, and Mike Magat.

My Husband’s Lover airs weeknights, after Mundo Mo’y Akin.

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