Television: Kahit Nasaan Ka Man

"Kahit Nasaan Ka Man"

Music and love combine to tell a powerful story about choices, free will, and acceptance in GMA Network’s newest prime time offering: Kahit Nasaan Ka Man (loose translation: Wherever You May Be).

When Leandro (Miggs Cuaderno) finds himself orphaned with no where to go, he ends up on the wrong side of the law. To escape capture after a heist, Leandro ends up hiding in the yard of the blind Pauline (Roseanne Magan) who, at the time, was practicing her singing with her mother. Enchanted by Pauline’s voice, Leandro ends up returning to the house night after night to hear her sing.

Until one day, when Leandro sees Pauline’s mother in an accident. That night, when Leandro visits Pauline, he sees a girl broken–with the only light in her life extinguished. Compelled by compassion, Leandro enters her room to comfort her. Although unnerved by a new presence in her room, Pauline softens when Leandro starts singing to her an old melody; a song that speaks to the sadness in Pauline’s heart. And so she began to call him her angel, sent by her mother to take her grief away.

But how long can a boy keep pretending to be angel at night, when he’s day job as a street urchin categorizes him as anything but?

Leandro decides to change his ways for Pauline, but it is too late. He is caught and sent away. By the time he is able to come back for Pauline, the girl is gone. The remaining reason for his changing his life for good has been taken from him. And so he decides to take his own life.

That is, until he is saved by Theresa (Eula Valdez).

After losing her husband and child due to a road rage incident, she could understand the despair Leandro feels at being left alone in the world. So she decides to take him in. To adopt him. And together, she wants for them to move on. To start a new life together. And this is when Leandro’s story begins its new chapter.

Graduating valedictorian in his high school class, the teenaged Leandro (Kristoffer Martin) is excited to begin his new life in college–having been given the opportunity to audition for a prestigious music department in a state university. But when Theresa finds out what he is planning, she adamantly opposes his plans.

And so Leandro is forced to keep his musical dreams restrained to poetry–poetry that gets commissioned by a new friend, John (Lucho Ayala), who has finally found the courage to court his childhood best friend–Pauline (Julie Anne San Jose).

Although John finds Leandro’s poems a little cheesy, he thinks highly enough of them to give the words to Pauline–who, in turn, loves Leandro’s writing, and gives them melody. Making songs out of them. Songs she records because of a misguided dream unwittingly given by her loving grandfather Tino (Ronaldo Valdez).

Pauline’s father Ernest (Michael de Mesa) has been in jail for around a decade now, for a single mistake that took the lives of two innocent people. Pauline thinks, because of Tino’s vague answers about clemency and presidential pardons, that if she becomes a successful and popular singer, she can ask the President for her father to be released from jail. For this to happen, Pauline needs John’s help to make her famous.

And to help Pauline, John will turn to Leandro. Not knowing that by doing so, he is bridging the gap between two souls who has longed for each other since they were children. Not knowing that he is creating his own rival when he introduces Leandro to Pauline.

But John has made his intentions for Pauline clear to Leandro. And Pauline has made her stand clear to John, that she sees him only as a friend.

Where will Leandro put himself between the two?

Friendship, family, and love will be tested in Kahit Nasaan Ka Man, as the sins of the past begin to affect the present and their futures, and music becomes their only escape.

Kahit Nasaan Ka Man begins airing on GMA Network on the 23rd of September, on the timeslot after news program 24 Oras. The series is helmed by Gil Tejada, Jr, with the production team of Mundo Mo’y Akin, and the creative team of My Husband’s Lover headed by Suzette Doctolero. The series also features the prowess of acting veterans: Tessie Tomas, Yayo Aguila, and Miss Rita Avila.

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