giveaway: filipino horror — the winners

it’s time to announce the winners for the filipino horror giveaway!

first, apologies because i wasn’t able to finish all the recommended books. i missed one, NINE SUPERNATURAL STORIES, because it wasn’t readily available at bookstores–and i didn’t have time to go to up press for a copy. also, the competition has gone for far too long, i was supposed to be finished with it last november 15. it’s already november 27.

but explanations aside, here are the winners!

the first winner, the one i picked, gets the WAKING THE DEAD / ILUSTRADO package. and from my reviews, you’ve probably seen which of the recommendations i really liked: TRESE.

though the first and third volume didn’t have the elements of horror i was looking for, the second volume more than made up for it. also, TRESE was a really enjoyable read, and didn’t take me ages to finish. i actually breezed through reading the graphic novels because i couldn’t stop reading.

the only reason the reviews came out a day at a time, was because i was pacing myself. and sure enough, by the time i hit the middle mark, i had slowed down considerably.

so congratulations to fantaghiro23 for suggesting the TRESE series.

and for the second part, where i asked you guys to pick which recommendation you think is scariest, i only got three votes: one each for TALES OF ENCHANTMENT AND FANTASY, TRESE and TRAGIC THEATER.

but i’m calling TRAGIC THEATER the winner. not because i liked it, but because it got an “and-a-half” vote. the votes went like this:

kwesifriends: “I vote for TRESE series and TRAGIC THEATER!” but then added, “Naa, I forgot were voting for the scariest pala. So change it, I’ll vote for TRAGIC THEATER na lang.”

me likes art!: “I vote for TALES OF ENCHANTMENT AND FANTASY, owing to the fact that one of the stories in that collection scared me.”


artseblis: “TRESE! though I also really like TRAGIC THEATER.”

i counted artseblis’s vote for TRAGIC THEATER, since she didn’t take it back. so congratulations to ivanbookworm for suggesting TRAGIC THEATER. you’ve won the WAKING THE DEAD / A TIME FOR DRAGONS package.

winners, please tell me whether you would like for me to handover your prizes during the december 18 meet-up at libreria, the january meet-up of the filipino book bloggers, or if you want me to have your prizes sent through courier services. if you pick the last option, please e-mail me your address through blurredlights (at) gmail (dot) com.

thank you everyone for joining!

giveaway: filipino horror — the entries!

"waking the dead" by yvette tanthis november, i’m giving away four books to two bloggers (two books each) who recommended horror novels/books written by filipinos.

initially, i was going to pick the winner by october 31. but since looking for some of the books are proving harder than i thought, i’m giving myself an extension. also, i’ve yet to start reading the books i already do have because i’m finishing MARLEY & ME.

the prize, to remind you guys, are these:

one winner gets WAKING THE DEAD and ILUSTRADO. the other winner gets WAKING THE DEAD and TIME FOR DRAGONS. what is WAKING THE DEAD? here’s a review by artseblis.

now, i’ve actually decided to change the rules a little bit in picking the winner. the book/novel i like best will get the WAKING THE DEAD/ILUSTRADO prize. as for the WAKING THE DEAD/TIME FOR DRAGONS prize, i’m making you guys choose.

recommendations were closed as of 12 midnight this morning. and the entries are:

fantaghiro23: TRESE series


ivanbookworm: TRAGIC THEATER




this is a bit of a gamble, and i am hoping for your cooperation. i want you guys to pick the scariest book, in your opinion, off these entries. and you can’t pick your own recommendation. the book/novel that gets picked the most will have the person who recommended it win the WAKING THE DEAD/TIME FOR DRAGONS prize.

both winners will be proclaimed by november 15.

also, if you guys can help me locate the books. the TRESE series, CRAVING, TAKOD and NEWS OF THE SHAMAN i’ve already found in fully booked. the NINE SUPERNATURAL STORIES recommendation came with a where-to-buy. as for the other books–a little help, please? directions would be nice too. thanks!

giveaway: filipino horror – update!

"waking the dead" by yvette tanhello readers! here’s an update on how the filipino horror giveaway is going: i have three entries! well, four if you count a second-the-motion recommendation. and back to three again, if you don’t count one entry wherein it’s already stated that the poster has a copy of the book.

i already have a copy of two TRESE graphic novels, while i’m still on the lookout for CRAVING and TRAGIC THEATER (and the other TRESE graphic novel). so does anyone else have a recommendation?

to sweeten the pot, i’m also adding a book each for the two winners. which i already mentioned in the original post. one winner will get WAKING THE DEAD and TIME FOR DRAGONS. while the other will get WAKING THE DEAD and ILUSTRADO.

i’ve actually yet to read TIME FOR DRAGONS and ILUSTRADO, but because they were written by filipinos, i want to promote them too.

so anyone else want to recommend filipino-authored books with elements of horror? deadline is still october 24, 2010.

giveaway: filipino horror

"waking the dead" by yvette tani love hearing horror stories. i also love telling them, hence my tumblr blog: filipinoscares. and i love reading horror stories, especially new or twist-y versions of well-loved horror stories.

so this october, seeing as we’re working the days away to halloween, i’m asking whoever is reading this blog to recommend me novels that have elements of horror.

initially, i was going to go with just filipino horror. but in case there aren’t that many, i’m good to go with any novel that has elements of horror in it. the only catch is, it has to be written by a filipino.

when the entries are in, i will look for copies of said books. and the two recommendations that i like best will get a copy each of yvette tan’s WAKING THE DEAD (and another book each, that will be revealed later on).

to repeat; i’m asking for recommendations of novels that have the horror element–and is written by a filipino. it doesn’t matter if the novel was published abroad, as long as it’s written by a filipino.

deadline of recommendations is a week before halloween, which is october 24, a sunday. and the winners will be announced on october 31–or later, if in case there are too many recommendations.

game? hit the comments.