Book: Zom-B Underground

"Zom-B Underground"

Can you hold on to your humanity if you’re a monster?

How do you face the present if you’re haunted by the past?

Where can you turn when you’re trapped in a living nightmare?

For B Smith, death is not the end!

B is a zombie, but unlike most of the walking dead, B’s brain still works. There are others who survived the transformation into zombies, too. They call themselves zom heads. The world’s gone mad, populated by mindless flesh-eaters, and what little is left of the government has plans for B and the other zom heads. It isn’t a pretty future.

Waking back up should be a blessing, but B soon realizes that consciousness can also be a curse…

I don’t remember liking the first book much when I read it, but I don’t hate it. And since I already had the second book, I thought I might as well read it. After all, it’s not like it’s gonna take up a lot of time. And reading the first few chapters, I was prepared to be as unaffected by it as I was with the first book.

Until I wasn’t.

The first book had one thing going for it: B. As I said in my post about the first book, she’s a wonderful character study–of a girl who was being groomed to be racist by her abusive father. In this book, she’s still our protagonist–and she’s now a zombie. A thinking zombie. And her journey of self-realization continues even after death.

Nothing much actually happens in this book. We finally get the plot about the mutants and the controlled zombies moving with the introduction of Mr. Dowling, but we still don’t know what they are and why they are doing what they’re doing. We have a facility full of scientists trying to understand why some zombies come back with their brain functions still intact, but we don’t really go anywhere with that either.

Zom-B Underground basically just continues with the development of B as a character. She’s becoming a better person in death. And now that she’s completed her development, of sorts, maybe we’ll see where the story plans to actually take us.

That’s the only reason why I’ll be picking up Zom-B City, the third book in the series. Hoping that we’ve finally come to know B enough that the author will trust us to follow her through whatever twists and turns he has planned.

Because I really want to find out what the effing hell is going on in the world Darren Shan has created. And that is, if not some masterful writing, is an amazing marketing ploy to get more money from readers. By splitting the story throughout so many books when just a couple would’ve done.

Anyway, it works. I’m going to head out and buy the next book.

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book: the undead series

"you are so undead to me" and "undead much"i grew up having chic-lit as a side dish to my main course of murder mysteries and thrillers. i was never afraid of picking up a chic-lit book just because it was chic-lit. but when i heard about the megan berry series, aka the “undead” series, i actively looked for it.

obviously, the series revolves around the undead. but unlike the usual “undead” stories, this one’s a little bit different. you see, megan berry is a settler. she settles unfinished business for the recently deceased. because when these dead people don’t get the closure they need, they end up roaming the streets. they become zombies.

being chic-lit, there’s a romantic backdrop to the world of the undead. megan berry falls for the boy-next-door/brotherly-type who has been with her for so long. and being a book about the supernatural, there’s the side story of megan berry (the protagonist) being more than what she seems–much to her dismay.

the first book, YOU ARE SO UNDEAD TO ME, wasn’t that special in my opinion. but having bought the second book before finding the first one, i went ahead and read that too. unlike another supernatural chic-lit series I’ve read, the second book, UNDEAD MUCH?, builds on the promise of the first book, and makes it a more engaging read.

by the time the first book ends, your main protagonist already has a semblance of a happy ending. not an actual happy ending, but you see the promise. and then in the second book, all that gets taken away by external forces that your main couple could not stop themselves. neither one of them decides to leave the other, and neither one of them falls into depression for how many months.

instead, you get a twist on your main character’s specialness–marking her as a possible evil herself. and then instead of just breaking up the main couple, you introduce a new love interest who is just as likable as the first one–but with the added characteristic of already being dead–but he’s neither a zombie nor a vampire. he is something intriguing though.

and much as you know that your main couple will stick it out in the end, and while you’re rooting for your main couple to eventually end up together, you can’t help but root for the other guy too.

now that’s a good love triangle. the third party’s not a person you end up dating just because the love of your life left you for your safety. the third party is not just a back-up plan. this person adds something in the dynamics of your life that draws you in, intrigues you, and makes you question your being.

in short, it’s not–

well, you guys know which other supernatural chic-lit series i’m talking about.

all of these said though, i was saddened to find out that razorbill, the publisher of the megan berry books, decided to discontinue the series. according to them, zombie books are not as popular anymore. i wonder what their stand is now, after the success of THE WALKING DEAD on television, and after the release of numerous zombie young adult fiction novels.

but the author, stacey jay, has also promised to write a wrap-up for the fans of the series. she plans on self-publishing it as an e-book. and i am looking forward to reading UNDEAD TO THE WORLD when it gets released next year.

so to my friends who enjoy books about zombies, do give this a try. don’t be turned off by the chic-lit aspects, just embrace it and you’ll find yourself enjoying the series.