Movie: So It’s You

"So It's You"

So It’s You is a romantic-comedy offering from Regal Films starring Carla Abellana and Tom Rodriguez. It tells the story of two people who are lost in love–one ready to move on, while the other is still desperately hanging on. When they meet, they think that life is finally giving them a second chance… Unfortunately, Lira (Carla Abellana) sees the chance as a way to get her previous love back, and not a chance to move on.

The film is pretty solid for a Filipino film… Which isn’t a qualifier I wanted to use, because I have high respect for writer-director Jun Lana, and I loved Bwakaw. But I feel like So It’s You could’ve been better.

Carla Abellana, Tom Rodriguez, Paolo Ballesteros, and Kevin Santos bring their A game… But when you’re willing to list the actors who made you enjoy the movie, what does that say about the other actors? I mean, JC de Vera continues to do what JC de Vera used to do… But he looks tired for most of the movie. Leo Martinez is at his wise-man best… but it’s not something we haven’t seen from him before…

But, as you might have noticed in previous blog posts about films I watched, I usually ignore the acting when the story is engrossing. And this wasn’t. And I blame the confused point-of-view of the story-telling. In Regal Film’s efforts to balance the screen time between leads Carla and Tom, the story kinda gets confused on whose story it’s actually telling: is this the journey of Carla’s character to realize that love isn’t something you cling on to desperately? Or is this a finding hope in love again story for Tom’s character?

We start with Carla, where Tom is just an incidental character. When they finally have their meet-cute, we see more of Tom’s character…and we kind of stick with Tom during the duration of his relationship with Carla’s character. So we have his point of view during most of the love story… But it’s Carla who we are with when conflict comes. And it’s Carla who flashes back to all of Tom’s memories. So you can see why we get a confused perspective on the whole thing… Right? Or is it just me?

I find it admirable that So It’s You doesn’t have perfect characters. I like that. I like the fact that none of them are two-dimensional stereotypes… Well, save for Kevin Santos’s character. But I find him funny. And  I find Paolo Ballesteros’s character hilarious. Neither one of them really adds anything substantial to the story, but they surely amp up one’s enjoyment of the film.

But the long short of it is… I’m just trying to find something to like about the film. My mom liked it. My mom cried during the big confrontation scene. So the film works for some people. I’m just not one of them.

I still admire Regal Film’s for continuing to be a player in a market that’s dominated by Star Cinema though. And I hope they continue to produce films… better films… that will compete against Star Cinema.