Press Release: First Pop Fiction Festival brings authors and fans together

"1st Pop Fiction Festival"

The following is a press release from Summit Books about their recent event: the first Pop Fiction Festival:

Summit Books, National Book Store, and Market! Market! held a grand gathering that was truly one for the books as the first-ever Pop Fiction Festival conquered the Market! Market Activity Center on February 8, 2014.

It was the first time that the authors of Pop Fiction, Summit Books’ fast-growing online chick lit imprint, gathered in full force to meet with their readers. Present at the Pop Fiction Festival were Bianca Bernardino (SGWannabe), Jade Margarette Pitogo (Girlinlove), Kimberly Joy Villanueva (Ilurvbooks), Leng de Chavez (Shirlengtearjerky), Ariesa Jane Domingo(Beeyotch), Jessamine Verzosa (Peachxvision), Louisse Carreon (Fallenbabybubu), and Jhing Bautista (Kwento Ni Jhingness), who all met with and signed copies of their books for fans.

Celebrity appearances hiked up the fun at the Pop Fiction Festival, with young stars Myrtle Sarrosa and Alexander Diaz doing hosting duties and teen heartthrobs Jerome Ponce and The Perkins Twins serenading the crowd.

The event also served as the book launch of Three Words Eight Letters: If I Say It, Will I Be Yours?, the sequel to Jade Margarette Pitogo’s Three Words, Eight Letters, Say It, and I’m Yours and Pop Fiction’s first sequel offering to date. The lucky festival attendees got their hands on the first copies of the new release, which were sold at the National Book Store booth.

Fans also got to complete their Pop Fiction collections at the event, take home freebies such as exclusive buttons and bookmarks, and have their picture taken with the authors and their life-sized avatar standees—rounding out an unforgettable experience for the readers and writers alike.

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I really must commend Summit Book’s passion in engaging a new generation of readers. Personally though, I would’ve loved for Summit Books to have also included their own roster of authors (the non-Pop Fiction ones) to introduce these (relatively) new readers to.

Maybe next year?