Television: Healing Hearts and The Rich Man’s Daughter

Full disclaimer: This post is an advertisement, but I’m not getting paid for this. That’s mostly because I’m writing about two local television programs whose creative teams I am a part of. Both of which will start airing today, May 11, starting with–

"Healing Hearts"

Healing Hearts tells the story of a young woman, Liza (Joyce Ching), who has only one wish in her life: to find true happiness, by finding “something to do, someone to love…and something to live for.” The only words left behind by her late mother, who she never got to know.

In her journey to find this happiness, she meets Jay (Kristoffer Martin), an acerbic young man who wants nothing more than to get back with his old flame: Chloe (Krystal Reyes). Lucky for Jay, Liza already knows Chloe. And he proceeds to set him up, so he could win her back. Unfortunately for Liza, she falls in love with Jay in the process.

And even more unfortunate for Liza? Jay has a stepmother with a complicated past with her own mother. Her mother who was just released from prison for committing a crime of passion. The mother she did know. The mother who is now looking for her.

There’s a belief that you meet people, strangers in your life, for a reason. In Healing Hearts, Liza will meet the people who will lead her back to what she once lost. And to what she is looking for.

Healing Hearts also stars Angelika dela Cruz, Dominic Roco, Ken Chan, Tina Paner, Maureen Larrazabal, Elle Ramirez, and Ms. Mickey Ferriols. It will air weekdays, after Yagit, in GMA-7’s Afternoon Prime block.

"The Rich Man's Daughter"

In The Rich Man’s Daughter, we have the story of a very conservative Chinese family whose world gets rocked by the secrets that they’ve all been keeping. Secrets that begin to spill out when Jade (Rhian Ramos), the youngest and most favorite Tanchingco, realizes she’s in love with someone other than the man she was supposed to marry. And much to her family’s chagrin, that someone else is of the same sex.

And so begins what is being touted as the most provocative drama on Philippine television.

The Rich Man’s Daughter also stars Glaiza de Castro, Luis Alandy, Mike Tan, TJ Trinidad, Katrina Halili, Chynna Ortaleza, and Ms. Gloria Romero. The cast also includes Pauleen Luna, Sheena Halili, Paolo Contis, Charee Pineda, Tony Mabesa, Al Tantay, Glydel Mercado, Bing Davao, Mosang, and Bryan Benedict. It will air weeknights, after Let the Love Begin, as part of GMA Telebabad.

tv show: machete

"machete" stars aljur abrenicaMACHETE is the story of a statue that comes alive at night. after a successful run in comics, the title was turned into a movie–twice. but with both movies, the producers decided to capitalize on the sexual element of the story. since then, this is the image of machete that has stuck with filipinos. not even a hollywood movie with the same title changed this conception.

but starting today, january 24, gma-7 is hoping to do just that.

the kapuso network brings MACHETE to the small screen with the same premise: a statue comes to life at night. but this time, the creative team behind the latest incarnation gives more depth to the main character, and the women that will fight for him.

MACHETE begins its story with a epic tale of romance between machete and aginaya. theirs is a tragic love story that ends in death–similar to that of shakespeare’s ROMEO AND JULIET. but with MACHETE, the ending is just the beginning of the story.

the female lead, rosella, is a girl who hopes of one day meeting her very own machete. she dreams of the legendary warrior, and the love he has for the beautiful aginaya; not knowing that soon her dreams will become reality.

through life’s cruel twists of fate, rosella’s sketches of the legendary machete end up in the hands of her cousin marla. a famed artist, marla sculpts the likeness of the warrior using rosella’s sketches.

now, the two will start to fight for the right to keep machete; but who should have the warrior: the one who drew him, or the one who sculpted him? what will the two women do when they realize that the statue is an actual person who has his own goal: to find his aginaya?

"machete" stars aljur abrenicabeginning january 24, gma-7 will carve a new history for one of the most well-known franchises in philippine cinema. PABLO S. GOMEZ’S MACHETE will tell a tale of love, revenge, redemption and hope.

aljur abrenica plays the youngest machete to date, and he is joined by an experimental cast featuring bela padilla, ryza cenon, ryan eigenmann and karen de los reyes. completing the cast are rio locsin, noni buencamino, zoren legaspi, polo ravales, chariz solomon, gwen zamora, rocky gutierrez and stephanie henares.

with a young cast, and a prime time schedule on television, expect gma-7’s MACHETE to be more wholesome than its film counterparts. but i highly doubt that the show will not capitalize on the franchise’s main selling point: the statue that comes to life at night–with barely any clothes.

save for that one factor though, MACHETE is relatively safe for even children to watch. it couldn’t be any worse than abs-cbn’s SABEL and KRISTINE for sure.

MACHETE airs every weeknight, after DWARFINA, on gma-7.