scarlet nights

"scarlet nights" by jude deverauxSCARLET NIGHTS is the third book in jude deveraux’s edilean series, stories set around the characters of a quaint town called edilean.

i’ve always liked jude deveraux’s style of writing. hers was the first romance book i’ve read, also my first book that was over three-hundred pages long. it was also my first book to have a sex scene.

thankfully, jude deveraux has since toned down on her love-making descriptions, preferring to leave most of it to the reader’s imagination. not that she doesn’t write it well (though, how would i know), it’s just that sex scenes usually does little to advance the plot in most romance novels. it’s usually just there to titillate the reader.

but i’m digressing.

SCARLET NIGHTS is the story of an undercover cop (mike newman) who must catch a con artist who is about to marry a girl (sara shaw) for a reason. and no one, save for the con artist (greg anders) who is absent for the most part of the book, knows of the reason. the cops do know that it has something to do with big money though. and mike is determined that sara don’t become one of greg’s past victims who end up dead.

reading romance novels, you never expect much. and i found that with jude deveraux, she always gives you what you want: SCARLET NIGHTS is a light enough read that you can put it down whenever you need to, but engaging enough that you can’t wait for your next free time to continue reading it. and with most romance novels, it has the perfect mix of love-dislike relationship between the main characters that it’s very clear who you should be rooting for.

what i like most about SCARLET NIGHTS though is the fact that whether or not you’ve read the first book LAVENDER MORNINGS, you will be able to jump into the story without any backgrounder. all you need to know is that sara has two best friends who live in the same manor as her, and that gets cleared up early on in SCARLET NIGHTS. and unlike DAYS OF GOLD, the second book in the edilean series, is more familiar to those who read the first book because it continues from then.

another thing SCARLET NIGHTS has going for it is the fact that it’s picking up story threads from the first book. in LAVENDER MORNINGS, sara shaw was a secondary character who plays support to the main character. in that book, she gets a side story of her own that gets it’s sort-of ending by the end of the book. but here in SCARLET NIGHTS, her story gets pulled into the forefront and manages to be just as engaging.

and this last part is just nitpicking, i don’t understand why the book is called SCARLET NIGHTS when, in the book, SCARLET NIGHTS is a perfume made by sara’s mother. it gets mentioned a few times, but i don’t think it is reason enough to name the book after it. of course, i wouldn’t know what other title the book can have.

SCARLET NIGHTS is currently only available in hardcover and e-book format, as well as in audio book format. and i definitely recommend it to romantics, and people who want to give reading romance books a try. heck, i’d recommend all jude deveraux books to people who want to give reading romance books a try.