Movie: Walang Forever

"Walang Forever"

Mia, a celebrated writer of romantic-comedy films, is at a turning point in her life which makes it difficult for her to believe that love could last. Everything comes to a head when Ethan returns, only for her to find out that he has become a cynic of lasting love because she broke his heart.

Walang Forever wears its heart on its sleeve, and that’s a good thing. Because out of the four movies I’ve seen this Metro Manila Film Festival season, this is the only one I actually enjoyed watching. One, because it didn’t try to be too clever for its own good. And two, because it didn’t capitalize on any popular love team. Story was king.

It also helped that Jennylyn Mercado is proving herself to be the romcom lead to beat.

I only have four gripes with the movie: the splicing together of scenes in the exposition-heavy beginning that could’ve done with a bit more cutting, the climactic confrontation between the two leads which I felt could’ve used some tweaking in dialogue, the too-vague planting of the main conflict and its reveal, and the acting decisions of the guy who played Aldus–

But, at the end of the day, I think the movie was well made. My gripes are just nit-pickings at things that I felt could have been improved more, but in no way detracts from one’s enjoyment of the movie. Walang Forever proves that Filipinos are just as capable at making romantic movies that tug at hearts and tear ducts both.

I also have to commend Kim Molina for her acting in this film. Out of the four films I’ve seen, she was most deserving to win the Best Supporting Actress Award– And I’ll leave it at that.

If you enjoyed English Only, Please last year– you’re bound to enjoy this one as well. So if you haven’t seen Walang Forever yet, do check the film out while it’s still in theaters. Support quality films!

Television: A loyal wife becomes an HIV carrier this Saturday on ‘Magpakailanman’

Magpakailanman: May AIDS ang Asawa Ko

Human immunodeficiency virus, more commonly known as HIV, is a disease that’s primarily transmitted via unprotected sexual intercourse. The more sexual partners you acquire, the greater risk you take on at being infected.

But what do you do when you’ve only been with one partner your whole life and you find out that you are HIV positive?

This is the story of Melissa Fernando, not her real name, who is happily married to a seaman who swore loyalty to her on their wedding day. After dealing with a dragon of an ex-wife, and the normal paranoia of second wives, the two thought they were finally living a fairy tale life.

Until Melissa is summoned to fetch her husband early from his work. And she finds out that he’s gravely ill. Test results baffle the doctors on what could be wrong with Melissa’s husband–until one of them suggests he be tested for HIV, and he comes out positive.

Melissa’s life is crushed. And just when things couldn’t possibly get worse, she finds out that she’s positive too. Thinking that maybe the ex-wife was the source of the disease, Melissa confronts the woman only to be confronted by the truth that her fairy tale marriage was a sham. The ex-wife came out negative. Her husband contracted the disease after he wed Melissa.

And worst of all, Melissa’s son starts showing symptoms of having the HIV disease.

This Saturday, find out what lengths a mother would go for the safety of her son, for an assured future that she might not even witness. Together with host Mel Tiangco, Magpakailanman hopes to debunk the misconceptions about HIV and to explore the life of an HIV survivor.

Featuring the stellar Jennylyn Mercado, together with Mark Herras, Gwen Zamora, Kathleen Hermosa, and Bing Davao, Magpakailanman presents “May AIDS ang Asawa Ko,” a cautionary tale about the dangers of affairs and the truths about HIV; directed by Laurice Guillen, with a script by Senedy Que, based on the research of Jonathan Cruz.