Book: From This Day Forward

"From This Day Forward"

When a couple gets married, it isn’t just their lives that are thrown into chaos.

For Nicholas and Nala’s wedding, there’s the mother of the bride who is forced to face her failed marriage; the mother of the groom, who revists the past–and an old love; the bride’s best friend who has lost the only boy she thinks she will ever love and with him, all her happiness; the bride’s cousin who fooled around with her boyfriend’s best friend (who inconveniently turns out to be the groom); and the groom’s sister who cannot understand her brother’s choice of a future wife.

Surrounding the bride and groom’s happiness are the heartache, joys, hopes, dreams, and realizations of the people who care about them. It makes you think: does everybody get a chance at happily ever after?

I have an answer to that question. No. Not everybody deserves a chance at happily ever after. Most especialy, not this book.

Okay, so I’m not a chic-lit person. But that didn’t stop me from enjoying Fairy Tale Fail for what it is. This book though–I had to stop midway just so I could debate with myself whether I should continue or just give the book up. I decided to finish the book, if only because it’s not very long.

Notice how I keep saying book and not novel? Because it’s not a novel. It’s not even a novella. It’s a collection of essays and half-assed poems pretending to be a novel that wants to say something. But it doesn’t say anything. It doesn’t even resolve any of its conflicts.

I am truly very annoyed at this book.

No one forced me to buy it and read it, you say? Yes, that is correct. But I bought the book because I wanted to write about it. Because I wanted to promote Filipino works on my blog–which is why I’ve incorporated the Filipino Friday theme into my blog.

I could’ve kept quiet, I know. I could’ve just kept mum about my thoughts about the book. But wouldn’t that be a disservice? I’ve never shied away from writing down my disdain for foreign works, why should a local product get special treatment?

Also, if anyone from Summit Books is reading this, I want them to know that someone in cyberspace is very unhappy with the book they produced.

I don’t have anything against the writer. I didn’t enjoy her Every Girl’s Guide series, but I could argue for those books. I cannot deny that they are novellas, and that they have actual stories with development and characters who go somewhere. From This Day Forward has characters and stories, yes, but neither one goes anywhere. Instead of a story, we just get glimpses of lives lead. Without movement. Static.

Spoiler alert: Save for the married couple, no one gets a happy ending. Especially not the reader.

Summit Books, please be more discriminating with the books you produce. There is a reason why a lot of readers don’t pick up local books. Don’t be part of the reason.

All of these said and done, people over at Good Reads seem to really like the book.