Book: iZombie


Gwen Dylan’s got a dead-end job and a best friend who’s barely there. The dude she hangs out with is kind of a dog, her town’s social scene sucks the life right out of you, and it seems like any time she meets an eligible guy, his job gets in the way.

But Gwen’s not the girl she used to be.

She’s a zombie.

Her best friend Ellie is a ghost. Her buddy Scott is a were-terrier. Her town’s a feeding ground for a pack of beautiful but bitchy vampires. Her new crush belongs to a centuries-old secret society of monster-hunters. And her dead-end job? Digging graves by day…and digging them up for a snack at night.

See, Gwen’s got to eat at least one brain a month or she turns into a shambling monster straight out of a midnight movie. But every brain she eats contains a lifetime of memories–and her latest meal came with a side order of unsolved murder.

Now Gwen and her friends have to find the killer before they, too, fall victim to a fate worse than un-death…

It took a year, and a television adaptation, to get me to decide that I do want to read iZombie. And after another month of waiting (because I had to order through Amazon)… I devoured the whole series in one sitting.

iZombie, the graphic novel series, is exceptional. And I can’t believe I waited so long before I read it. It’s very different to the witty television series that Rob Thomas created off the material though. Because once you’ve read the books and watched the series? You would know that they are two completely separate beings. Two very amazing things. But we’re here to talk about the graphic novels. And I must say:

I absolutely hate the fact that there are no more stories about Gwen, Ellie, and Spot. The three are such fun characters that, from the get go, you know you’re going to enjoy hanging out with them–and that you’re going to root for them to survive the craziness the series immediately promises.

And iZombie really doesn’t hold back on the crazy.

From zombies who have lived for thousands of years, spirits who become trapped in the bodies of animals, vampires who have a no-kill policy, and a legendary hero that comes back to life–the series has them all. And the best part? You don’t even question them, because they’re part of the fabric that creators Chris Roberson and Michael Allred weaves beginning in their first issue.

But, I feel like getting into the iZombie bandwagon late worked out well for me as a reader because I was able to devour the story in one sitting. I don’t think I would have liked it as much had I been forced to wait for issue after issue–because the crazy that made it so fun to read, spread through time? It would have also infuriated me to no end.

With all that said though, what I really just want to say is: if you haven’t read the iZombie graphic novels yet–go find them. Read them. Enjoy them.

Book: Everything I Need To Know About Love I Learned From Papa Jack

"Everything I Need To Know About Love I Learned From Papa Jack"

“Love is unpredictable.”

Even if you’ve fallen in love a million times, you can’t claim, “Alam ko na ‘yan!” And that’s because “Ang pag-ibig kapag sineryoso, nakakabobo.”

It’s really complicated, but you have to remember, “Sa isang relasyon dapat masaya ka, hindi ka stressed, hindi ka pressured.”

Because “Love is such a wonderful feeling!”

And to those who have not experienced what it is like to be loved, don’t worry, “Lahat ng kaldero, may nakalaang takip.”

365 quotes: Read one love quote a day to keep the love troubles away.

You have to be a fan of Papa Jack to like his words of wisdom. That’s what I got after reading the compilation of his more memorable quotes from his radio show. Yes, that’s what this book is: a compilation. And some of his quotes are funny–until you start relating to them, that is.

Unlike Summit Books’ other compilation release: The Morning Rush Top 10 books, this one isn’t aiming for the funny. And having read the book, I think its target market is pretty small: Papa Jack’s cult following. No, I don’t mean cult like a religious sect–but, a very vocal and very loyal group of fans. He has a lot. Apparently. Enough to warrant a book release anyway.

And while the book isn’t a waste of trees, it’s… Well, it’s just not for me.

During the book launch, Papa Jack said that his advice stems from common sense more than actual experience in love. I have common sense. And most of the stuff Papa Jack says on air are stuff I say in real life. Quotable quotes? Not really. Not without proper context anyway.

The book with the very long title is an interesting read–the first time around. But unlike The Morning Rush books, this one doesn’t call for repeats. And it’s not the first thing you’d think of to recommend to friends either.

It’s just a collection. With a very interesting price, at PhP 143.

Check out what other people have to say about the book over at Good Reads, and in Tagalog, at Kwatro Khanto.

Event: A Book Launch for Papa Jack

"A Book Launch for Papa Jack"

Well it was just a matter of time before Papa Jack entered the publishing industry; and after the success of Chico, Delamar, and Gino’s The Morning Rush Top 10 compilation, it makes sense that another popular radio disc jockey would get his chance at releasing his own compilation.

Last Sunday, February 17, Summit Books invited a few press people and bloggers for an intimate launch with radio disc jockey Papa Jack. And from the point of view of someone covering the event, I liked this one better because it was more quiet than the last event I went to–which was the launch for The Morning Rush Top 10 Book 2.

The event itself was short, which was good. And as an inteview subject, Papa Jack was honest and to the point–which is how he is even in his radio show. But why waste time trying to describe how he was, when you can just watch him here–

After the Q&A, Papa Jack signed autographs for the present press people, and answered a few more questions in one-on-one interviews, before the event fully gave way to the fans who were early for their 2 p.m. autograph signing session.

And because I don’t like seeing good press releases go to waste, here’s the one Summit Book gave:

This month of hearts, Summit Books launched Papa Jack of 90.7 Love Radio’s new book, Everything I Learned About Love I Learned from Papa Jack, at Bestsellers in Robinsons Galleria. Last February 17, 2013, the Papa ng Bayan met with the press and his kabisyo fans to eagerly talk and answer questions about his book, and met each one to sign their copies.

With a compilation of 365 love quotations from his hit programs True Love Confessions and Wild Confessions, this book is definitely a must read for the entire year–one quote a day really keeps the heartache away! Everything I Learned About Love I Learned From Papa Jack will really teach you years worth of wisdom whether you are single, dating, in a relationship, “it’s complicated,” or heartbroken.

This book will take you on a journey as you ride with Papa Jack to 6 stopovers in the subject that is mostly-complicated, sometimes-“oh-so-sweet:” LOVE — from courtship, to healing that broken heart, to learning to love again. You will surely laugh and cry with the stories of the most memorable callers on Papa Jack’s radio program. This book will surely teach you to love better, not just to your significant other, but most importantly, to love yourself even more.

Everything I Learned About Love I Learned from Papa Jack is out now in bookstores everywhere, and costs a cool Php 143. And by cool, I mean figuratively. I love how a compilation of quotes about love costs Php 143. Points for Summit Books.

If you want to meet Papa Jack in the flesh, you can catch him on March 3 at SM Naga, on March 17 at SM Manila, and on April 7 at SM Gaisano Davao.

Event: The Morning Rush Book 2 Launch

"The Morning Rush Top 10 Book 2 Launch"

And here we go.

Last week I was invited by Summit Books to attend the book launch for the second The Morning Rush Top 10 compilation book. You already know what I think about the book, as it’s been out in the market since late last year, so I’ll stick with the event for this post.

Just like last year’s launch for the first book, it was held at the Activity Center of Robinsons Galleria. Unlike last year’s event though, there was no separate venue for the bloggers and press to conduct their interviews. On the plus side, the excitement and energy of the radio DJs fans are palpable as you mingle with them; but, on the other hand, you’d also feel sorry for them as they’re left out of the cordoned area as priority was given to the press and family members attending the event.

Not that I should complain, because I was one of the lucky few allowed inside. But speaking as a fan, getting left out in the cold while supporting your idols is not the best way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

As for the program prepared for the event… It’s short. Which is nice. It heads straight to the point of the event, which is the autograph-signing. But, again with the but, I wish there were more time for the radio hosts to be more candid with their fans. I understand that that’s just not possible with the time constraints and the venue restrictions–but, speaking again as a fan, that’s what we usually come to events for. To have that small candid moment with our idols.

I guess I am complaining a little. For the fans. But don’t get me wrong. I applaud Summit Books for what they’re doing. These autograph-signing events are still opportunities for fans to spend time with their idols, and to get to know each other.

But I still prefer how the first book launch was handled, with the press and family members separate from the fans, just so the fans can have more of the kikay barkada without having to share the spotlight with people who already have an unfair advantage at meeting said idols.

That said, people still had fun at the event–as evidenced by this:

Before I completely end this, here’s Summit Book’s press release about the event:

Last February 3, 2012, Summit Books brought back the sequel to the best seller The Best of Chico and Delamar’s The Morning Rush Top 10 — this time, bringing the entire barkada along with The Best of Chico, Delamar, and Gino’s The Morning Rush Top 10, Book 2 in Robinsons Galleria Activity Center. Monster RX 93.1’s The Morning Rush radio jocks excitingly talked about their book, answered questions from the media and fans present at the launch, and happily signed copies of their book.

Compiling over 100 Top 10 pee-in-your-pants funny lists, this hilarious book showcases the naughtiest and wittiest responses and jokes coming from–where else?–no other than the show’s avid listeners, the Rushers.

The Morning Rush Top 10 Book 2 will definitely make you LOLA (Laugh Out Loud Alone) with pages filled with the craziest and naughtiest topics and illustrations on a wide range of topics–from the 3 B’s (bitchiness, boys, and bekis), to that (sometimes happy, sometimes bitter) 4-letter word, to something a little more in need of parental guidance, and to just about anything you can think of–they even have superheroes in stor for you! The Best of Chico, Delamar, and Gino’s The Morning Rush Top 10, Book 2 is so addictive that we’re sure you won’t be able to put it down until you finish reading it!

The Best of Chico, Delamar, and Gino’s The Morning Rush Top 10, Book 2 is available in bookstores for only PhP 195.

Book: The Best of The Morning Rush Top 10 Book 2

"The Best of Chico, Delamar, and Gino's The Morning Rush Top 10 Book 2"

They’re baaaack!

And they brought the whole barkada! Get ready for another round of pee-in-your-pants LOLz with 100 more of the crazy lists from Chico, Delamar, and Gino’s The Morning Rush Top 10, from the award-winning hit radio show on RX 93.1.

This follow-up to the bestselling book, The Best of Chico and Delamar’s The Morning Rush Top 10, includes lists like:

  • Top 10 Beki Problems
  • Top 10 Bromance Rules
  • Top 10 Date Fails
  • Top 10 Nicknames for Your Naughty Bits
  • Top 10 Fun Menu Entries

Looking for a last minute gift for that hard-to-please friend? The second compilation from the Kikay Barkada is out–and it is hilarious! More so than the first one, seeing as the hosts of RX Monster Radio’s morning program deemed it fit not to include lists that are, well, mood killers.

If the first book was a weird mix of the funny, of aww moments, and the what-am-I-doing-with-my-life type of lists, this second compilation is more geared towards the funnies and the truly hilarious.

But what I like most about this latest compilation though is the layout. It’s better structured, and with better drawings to boot!

If there’s anything to complain about in this book, it’s the fact that it’s not thicker. Well, and that the contributors don’t seem to be as original as the ones from the first book. But the unoriginal liners are few and far in between, so it does not detract at all from the allure of the book.

The Best of Chico, Delamar, and Gino’s The Morning Rush Top 10 Book 2 is a must-buy for the Christmas season–for yourself, and for all of your friends. So what are you waiting for? Leave your computer, grab your wallet–and head out to your nearest bookstore!