movie: tangled

"tangled" starring mandy moore and zachary levilast year, disney came out with their latest princess movie: TANGLED. finally, it’s reached the shores of the philippines. and i have to say, the movie is definitely worth the wait.

TANGLED is a retelling of the classic fairy tale rapunzel. the story revolves around a girl with a very long hair, the witch who kidnapped her and kept her hostage, and the prince who would eventually come to save her (and prove to her that there is such a thing as love).

while the basics of rapunzel remains in TANGLED, it is definitely a more adventurous, and more gripping story than its original counterpart. for one thing, the witch isn’t magical–and she’s keeping rapunzel alive because of her magic hair.

what do you do when you’ve discovered the secret to staying young forever? a flower borne from a single drop of sunlight. gothel’s answer was to keep it secret from everyone else. unfortunately for her, she made a mistake in not taking it. and so villagers take the flower to treat their ailing queen.

the magic of the flower is absorbed by the then-pregnant queen, only to be passed on to her child: rapunzel.

the witch, gothel, discovers that the magic of the flower is now present in rapunzel’s hair. she tries to take a lock of hair, and discovers that the magic disappears once the hair is cut. and so she does the next best thing: she takes the child instead.

and so begins the story of rapunzel in TANGLED. eighteen years pass and she is kept in the tower by gothel, who she now knows as her mother. and everything is humdrum for her–until the arrival of flynn rider. unlike in the classic story, flynn is nothing like a prince. instead, we get a thief with a fake reputation.

and instead of a courtship that develops because a prince falls in love with a naive young princess in the woods, we get something else: an adventure and romantic-comedy plot.

rapunzel makes a deal with flynn: he becomes her guide outside the castle, and she will give him back the crown he stole from the castle. and here’s where we go the route of the more modern disney films: we get unexpected accomplices, villains who turn out to be just hindrances, and a showdown with the real villain that ends with a twist on the classic ending.

pretty formulaic, right?

with this in mind, i thought i knew what i was getting into with TANGLED. i was wrong. and i am happy to admit that. because TANGLED takes your expectations and gives you something else. it may not wow everyone, but it will definitely gives a fresh take on an old story. and right now, that’s exactly what disney needs to keep children looking forward to the next disney film.

TANGLED is now showing, both in 2D and 3D, in cinemas nationwide.