Television: Ang Dalawang Mrs Real

"Ang Dalawang Mrs Real"

Are films and television programs about a philandering husband and the drama it entails about to reach its saturation point? We’ve gone from No Other Woman to My Neighbor’s Wife, from The Temptation of Wife to The Legal Wife. Are there any more ways to tell the same story?

There is. Actually.

My Husband’s Lover changed the landscape of how a soap opera can be told, with its quiet confrontations instead of screaming matches. And GMA Network is hoping to do the same with its newest offering: Ang Dalawang Mrs Real (trans: The Two Mrs Real). But it’s also hoping to do more.

In Ang Dalawang Mrs Real, the man in question isn’t a philanderer. Anthony Real (Dingdong Dantes) is a good man. A little too proud, a little too hard-headed, but he has a heart that bleeds for the oppressed. So how does a ‘good’ man get into bed with two women? How does a ‘good’ man end up married to two women who know nothing about the existence of the other?

That is not the story of Ang Dalawang Mrs Real–but the answers to those questions will set up the changes that will affect all the characters in the show. No one will be left unscathed.

In other programs, the confrontation of the problem usually happens in the middle of the story, with the momentum from the revelations propelling to show to a happy ending. But what if there’s no possible happy ending for any of the characters?

Ang Dalawang Mrs Real aims to share a story that’s realistic of today’s struggles and values. The revelations isn’t a far-off idea that viewers will be forced to wait for. They will, instead, serve as catalysts for the real stories to begin. Stories that are usually avoided. Stories that are now going to be told. On GMA Telebabad.

Ang Dalawang Mrs Real also stars Ms. Maricel Soriano, Lovi Poe, Alessandra de Rossi, Rodjun Cruz, Marc Abaya, Dominic Roco, Jaime Fabregas, Robert Arevalo, theater actress and folk singer Celeste Legaspi, Tommy Abuel, Susan Africa, Diva Montelaba, Robert Sena, Marco Alcaraz, and returning after two decades to the Kapuso Network: Ms. Coney Reyes. The soap opera will be directed by Andoy Ranay (One True Love, Mundo Mo’y Akin), with the creative team of Suzette Doctolero (Encantadia, Amaya, My Husband’s Lover) and Geng delos Reyes-Delgado.

Web: Jorgendipity


I’m taking a break from writing about Pinoy books and komiks for one Friday to talk about something I scripted for the web: Jorgendipity.

Take note, I said scripted and not wrote. Though, technically, I did write for it. But, well, to cut things short–I don’t own the story. The characters and the premise were given to me, as were the major plot points–which I will not spoil, because the biggest one is coming in the fourth episode which hasn’t come out yet.

So what did I do for Jorgendipity exactly? Well, I put structure into the story (with the person who actually conceptualized the story, Jane Bracher of M2Comms), and I wrote the actual script they used during filming. So I guess the words are mine.

And thus, here I am promoting.

Mind you, Jorgendipity is far from perfect. As a scriptwriter who relies on a lot of visuals (I like to picture the scene before I write it, to see how my characters would move), I tend to be nitpick-y with my material–and I can nitpick with the best of them.

But I know that I’m have my faults too. I know that I have a tendency to be unclear with my scripted directives.

The thing with productions like this though is this: you have to learn to let go. What’s important in the end is that people like the end product regardless of behind-the-scenes complications and miscommunications.

And I’m hoping you’ll like Jorgendipity.

There are two episodes left, and I believe the next one will be out very soon.

So, what do you think? I’d love to hear some feedback.

Television: The Alden Richards Story on ‘Magpakailanman’

"Magpakailanman: The Alden Richards Story"

This Saturday on Magpakailanman, Alden Richards shares the story behind his decision to go into show business–and the woman who he dedicates all his work to: his mother.

As a kid, Alden’s mom has already seen in him the potential of becoming a star. And for years, she cultivated in her son the desire to perform, leading him to join theater groups in school and to participate in pageants where he can get recognized by potential managers. And although Alden’s heart lies in continuing his studies, he humored his mother as best as he can.

But when Alden’s mom gets sick, her dreams for Alden takes the backseat to her health problems. And as she deteriorates, Alden makes a deal with her: he tells her that he will become an actor, and he wants her to still be alive when it happens.

Follow Alden’s trials as he dives into the entertainment industry–and find out if he was able to fulfill his promise to his mother before she passed away–this Saturday on Magpakailanman, after the premiere telecast of Vampire ang Daddy Ko. The episode features Alden Richards as himself, with Mark Gil and Jackielou Blanco portraying the role of his parents; directed by Gina Alajar.

Press Release: Ryza Mae Dizon visits Sarap Diva

"Sarap Diva, December 22 2012"

photo courtesy of GMA Social Media

I’ve been meaning to catch Sarap Diva since it premiered on GMA–I just can’t seem to remember catching it when Saturday does roll around. Tomorrow’s a good time as any though to catch the show, with guest Donita Rose being candid with her long-time friend, and Sarap Diva host, Regine Velasquez.

Here’s the press release for tomorrow’s episode, courtesy of GMA Network;

Child wonder Ryza Mae Dizon joins Asia’s Songbird Regine Velasquez-Alcasid in Sarap Diva this Saturday

This Saturday (December 22), unwrap Sarap Diva’s special gift for Kapuso viewers as it presents a morning of good food, engaging conversations and great music perfect for the most special day of the year – Christmas!

Join Asia’s Songbird Regine Velasquez-Alcasid as she prepares a special Christmas feast for the whole family!

Danica Sotto shares her Beef Kare-Kare recipe and gives out practical tips on how to make the feast more delicious and tasty.

Donita Rose brings in her spicy pork specialty, fresh-off her culinary school graduation. Adding up a little twist to the lively feast is the Songbird herself with her Beef Wellington dish that is surely fit for royalty.

Pure joy comes in small package in this episode as noontime child wonder Ryza Mae Dizon teaches viewers how to do her signature cha-cha dance, and shares how her recent success has brought new light on how she and her family celebrate Christmas this year.

A yuletide melody punctuates this fun yet heart-warming episode as Regine sings a classic Pinoy favorite that will surely make viewers feel the holiday spirit even more.

Join the feast, enjoy the talk, and savor the music this Saturday in Sarap Diva, 9:40 am, on GMA.

Theater: Disney’s Aladdin [Atlantis Productions]

Atlantis Productions' Aladdin

After the success of it’s productions of Disney’s BEAUTY & THE BEAST in 2005 and Disney’s THE LITTLE MERMAID last year, Atlantis Productions proudly announces that it has been handpicked by Disney Theatricals to stage the Asian premiere of it’s newest stage musical Disney’s ALADDIN.

Based on the much loved animated film, Disney’s Aladdin tells the story of a street-smart commoner whose whole life changes with one rub of a magic lamp. The brand new romantic musical adventure incorporates all the beloved songs from the film’s Oscar®-winning score and brings some of the movie’s most memorable characters to life. Jafar, Iago, the Sultan, the Genie and of course Aladdin and Jasmine come together to create a whole new world of magical musical theatre for the whole family.

Disney’s ALADDIN features music by eight time Oscar Award winner Alan Menken and Lyrics by Oscar Award winner Howard Ashman, Oscar Award winner Tim Rice, and Tony Award nominated lyricist Chad Beguelin (who also wrote the brand new book of the musical).” — (C) Atlantis Productions

Hey guys! If you have nothing to do on the night of December 8, that’s a Saturday, why not check out Atlantis Productions’ staging of Disney’s Aladdin?

Here’s a review from;

Apparently, the songwriting team of Alan Menken and Howard Ashman initially conceived “Aladdin” in the lines of the classic Bob Hope-Bing Crosby “on the road” movies but this was supposedly changed when Robin Williams signed up to voice the Genie. For the stage version, they brought the original concept back. As such, the musical is more of an old-fashioned cornball comedy with a merry band of musicians – Aladdin is the fourth member – who also acts as the narrators.

This new stage musical from Disney Theatricals brings to life a story we already know and love and gives it new life, with a different way of story-telling–and new music!

The musical will be staged at the Meralco Theater, which is located at Ortigas Avenue in Pasig City. And the ticket prices are as follows:
Php1,500.00 – Orchestra Center
Php1,350.00 – Orchestra Side
Php900.00 – Orchestra Side Obstructed
Php1,100.00 – Loge Center
Php1,000.00 – Loge Side
Php700.00 – Balcony Center
Php600.00 – Balcony Side
Php500.00 – Balcony Back

If you’re interested, contact Onay Sales through her mobile number: 0917.908.0565! Again, this is for the 8 p.m. staging on December 8!

Advert: Kilalanin si Amapola

"Si Amapola sa 65 na Kabanata" by Ricky LeeEleksyon, 2010. Isang baklang impersonator, si Amapola, ang naging manananggal at nakatanggap ng propesiya na siya ang itinakdang magligtas ng Pilipinas. Ang naghatid ng balita: si Emil, isang pulis na Noranian. Ang pasimuno ng balita: si Sepa, ang lola sa tuhod ni Amapola, na nanggaling pa ng panahon ng kastila at may unrequited love noon kay Andres Bonifacio.

Ang ikalawang nobela ni Ricky Lee ay isang hati-hating tingin sa buhay at pag-ibig ni Amapola at ng kaniyang mga mahal sa buhay, at sa buhay at pag-ibig na rin ng mga taong gusto nating pakialaman dito sa bansang tinatawag nating Pilipinas, sa isang panahong halos humihingi tayo ng kababalaghan… At donuts!

Kilalanin si Amapola sa 65 na Kabanata.

Regular Price: 300
Pre-Order Price: 250

May discount na, may autograph pa mula kay Mr. Ricky Lee!
For more, imbitado rin kayo sa book launch sa Nov. 27, 2011 (Linggo), 4:00 ng hapon sa Sky Dome, SM North Edsa.
First come, first serve ito kaya dumating nang maaga.

Mag pre-order na ng libro!
Mag-email sa o tumawag sa 09193021149 at 9289557

* * *

Blogger’s Note: If it’s not obvious, this was not written by me. I’m just endorsing it because it’s Filipino, it’s horror, and it’s comedy. Also, I’m going to the book launch. Provided I don’t have work. I’m hoping I don’t. And if you’re looking for something to do, then do drop by the book launch!

advert: next to normal

"next to normal" from atlantis productionsNEXT TO NORMAL tells the story of a family and their struggles with bipolar disorder, and its treatment.

it has four main characters: diana, the mother who is suffering from bipolar disorder and sixteen years of hallucinations; dan, the father who must remain stalwart throughout the challenges they are facing; natalie, the daughter who feels she will never grow out of her brother’s shadown; and gabriel, the son who wants to be remembered.

recently, a mentor had told me that viewers relate more to stories that they can understand. so the question here is: how can viewers relate to a family dealing with a psychological disorder many people are not familiar with–especially here in the philippines?

the answer is this: NEXT TO NORMAL is about family; it tells the ups and downs of trying to be normal, of doing what’s best for everyone–and still fearing that what you are doing is not enough. it tells the story of a family who are dealt with a problem none of them are prepared to cope with, and yet they still try to do so. it’s human struggle at its best.

and it’s coming to the rcbc plaza on march 2011.

the manila production will feature menchu lauchengo-yulo, jett pangan, felix rivera and bea garcia in the lead roles, with markki stroem playing one of the supporting characters.

and here’s why i’m advertising NEXT TO NORMAL here in my blog;

my friend is selling tickets to the march 19 matinee showing. that’s march 19, 2011 at 2 in the afternoon, at the rcbc plaza. ticket prices are: p1500 (orchestra center), p1300 (orchestra side), p1100 (loge center), p900 (loge back / loge side), and p700 (balcony).

to purchase tickets, contact onay sales at 0918.536.2116, or e-mail her at watchplays(at)yahoo(dot)com. you can check out which seats are still available at their site, watch plays.