Web: The Origins of Tala

"The Origins of Tala"

I’m going to warn you right off the bat: this is an advertisement. I’m promoting something I made with a bunch of friends who are into the same weird stuff as I am: Super Sentai, cosplaying, and Filipino mythology. We call this project: Mythos.

Mythos will be an online series that revolves around a group of people who must bond together as a team to prevent the all-powerful Bacunaua from waking, effectively stopping the coming of a new dark age. Inspired by both Super Sentai and Power Rangers, Mythos marries together the Japanese tokusatsu genre with a twisted version of our local folklore.

Now, what does Mythos have to do with The Origins of Tala?

Producing an online series, it turns out, is a lot of hard work–and a lot more complicated to schedule. Especially when you don’t have a budget to begin with. So instead of going full steam on the series right away, we made a detour to see just how well the series will be received by netizens. We made The Origins of Tala.

Tala is one of the characters we created for Mythos; a plucky girl who gets waylaid by a sudden change in her life, she finds a new purpose when she goes head to head against the supernatural forces hiding in the shadows of everyday life. In the four episodes we produced, she journeys from being clueless to bad-ass.

Obviously, I’m not going to nitpick something I had a hand in making–even if I know that there’s a million things we could’ve still done to improve it. But this was a learning experience for us. And now we know that there are a lot more things we have to take into consideration when we finally begin production on our main series.

In the meantime, please boost our confidence by watching the episodes of The Origins of Tala on YouTube. Here’s the trailer, to get you started:

Web: Jorgendipity Revisited


Jorgendipity is the story about Christine, a girl who gets a second shot at the one who got away. It starts with her first day at her new work, where she accidentally reconnects with Jorgen, the aforementioned ‘one who got away,’ and proceeds from there.

Last night, the team behind Jorgendipity (me, not included) presented to select members of the press the product behind the short web-series: Jergens. This was supposed to be a closely guarded secret, but I think someone figured it out by the third episode.

Today, they’re uploading the final episode.

I have to say, I’m very grateful to both Jergens and M2Comms for the opportunity to write the mini-series. They took a gamble with me, seeing as this is my first foray into writing for the web. (To clarify, my training is in writing for television and theater.) I was very happy when I learned that they loved my script; but not as happy when I saw the feedback that people were leaving about the mini-series.

No, Jorgendipity is far from perfect. But it’s a start. And this actually gives me the confidence to do something I’ve been meaning to do since college. (I initially thought it was during my years as an online content producer, but a fairly recent e-mail from a friend reminded me that I’ve been wanting to do this since college.)

Please watch the last episode of Jorgendipty. You’ll find it uploaded on YouTube and on the official fan page: Who is Jorgen?

And I’ll be posting updates here when I finally get around to doing my own productions. Hopefully, before the year ends.

Web: Jorgendipity


I’m taking a break from writing about Pinoy books and komiks for one Friday to talk about something I scripted for the web: Jorgendipity.

Take note, I said scripted and not wrote. Though, technically, I did write for it. But, well, to cut things short–I don’t own the story. The characters and the premise were given to me, as were the major plot points–which I will not spoil, because the biggest one is coming in the fourth episode which hasn’t come out yet.

So what did I do for Jorgendipity exactly? Well, I put structure into the story (with the person who actually conceptualized the story, Jane Bracher of M2Comms), and I wrote the actual script they used during filming. So I guess the words are mine.

And thus, here I am promoting.

Mind you, Jorgendipity is far from perfect. As a scriptwriter who relies on a lot of visuals (I like to picture the scene before I write it, to see how my characters would move), I tend to be nitpick-y with my material–and I can nitpick with the best of them.

But I know that I’m have my faults too. I know that I have a tendency to be unclear with my scripted directives.

The thing with productions like this though is this: you have to learn to let go. What’s important in the end is that people like the end product regardless of behind-the-scenes complications and miscommunications.

And I’m hoping you’ll like Jorgendipity.

There are two episodes left, and I believe the next one will be out very soon.

So, what do you think? I’d love to hear some feedback.

Web: Sorted Food


I love cooking, but I’m not a fan of cooking shows. Mostly because they cook meals that I have no intention of eating, or they do so much for one meal that it just doesn’t seem to be worth it.

And then I stumbled upon Sorted.

Sorted is a bunch of guys, friends from childhood, who seek to bring more of their generation (our generation? I think they’re younger than I am though–) back into the kitchen, by presenting easy-to-do meals that you’d actually want to eat.

I won’t go into detail of how they started, you can check that out at their website. The point of this post is not to write a feature about them, though that is sort of what I’m doing. But, the long short of it, is I’m sharing with you what is currently my go-to YouTube channel for a quick break in between deadlines: Sorted Food.

Now, I’ve first heard of them from Charlie McDonnell, another YouTube personality I follow, who had them over at his new digs a few years ago. I don’t remember watching that video, or being interested enough in kitchen raids, to have get intrigued by who the Sorted crew was.

And then, a few months ago, I searched for a macaron recipe, clicked on a Sorted YouTube video, and never looked back.

Well, there was a lot of looking back. As I said, this is my quick fix for those short breaks. But the easy-to-follow cooking instructions, the banter, and the camaraderie of the people in the group will whet your appetite for more. Clicking on one video does not ensure that you will end with just having watched one video.

The Sorted Food channel is easy-viewing. And because the videos never really last more than ten minutes, you keep wanting to watch more.

And more.

And, you know what? I think it’s better if I let a couple of their videos do the convincing. Here’s my favorite so far of all the ones I’ve seen:

What do you think?

a very potter musical

"a very potter musical" by matt langi’m a pot-head. and by that i mean i’m a big HARRY POTTER fan. and, obviously, i’m not the only one out there.

a month ago, a friend of mine started gushing about this online musical about HARRY POTTER. i’ve seen photos, and i’ve heard stories. but it was only recently that my friend was exposed to the musical. so it was also only recently that i got exposed to it as well. now, i’m passing it on to you.

it’s like paying it forward; you give back by introducing it to more people.

A VERY POTTER MUSICAL was, I think, first called HARRY POTTER, THE MUSICAL. but i think the new title fits it better. the story condenses all seven books into one almost three-hour long musical with numerous pop-culture references. i don’t know if this musical will stand the test of time, but for the time being, it sure is a laugh-out-loud riot.

i don’t actually know how to describe the musical. i think anyone will have a hard time describing the musical. but i’ll do my best. it’s like HARRY POTTER on crack. it’s very tongue-in-cheek, and it has so many innuendos that is definitely going to tickle the pot-heads.

it starts out with harry about to return to hogwarts after a summer with the dursleys, and it quickly jumps to the plot of GOBLET OF FIRE complete with a wizarding tournament, a yule ball, and voldemort’s rebirth. and that’s just the first act. the second act puts together the high energy scenes of books 5 to 7.

when you watch the musical, you’ll definitely be coming in spoiled. but it’s how they twist the material, how they present it, that will make you stay and watch the whole musical one clip after the other. and it certainly helps that the dialogues are witty and memorable–oh, and the songs are great too!

A VERY POTTER MUSICAL is available for viewing at youtube, and the team behind this musical has also uploaded a new one called: A VERY POTTER SEQUEL in which, well that one you’ll have to see for yourself. it happens post-book 7 and that way leads to spoilers.

it’s a definite must watch for everyone, pot-head or no.