Television: Kahit Nasaan Ka Man

"Kahit Nasaan Ka Man"

Music and love combine to tell a powerful story about choices, free will, and acceptance in GMA Network’s newest prime time offering: Kahit Nasaan Ka Man (loose translation: Wherever You May Be).

When Leandro (Miggs Cuaderno) finds himself orphaned with no where to go, he ends up on the wrong side of the law. To escape capture after a heist, Leandro ends up hiding in the yard of the blind Pauline (Roseanne Magan) who, at the time, was practicing her singing with her mother. Enchanted by Pauline’s voice, Leandro ends up returning to the house night after night to hear her sing.

Until one day, when Leandro sees Pauline’s mother in an accident. That night, when Leandro visits Pauline, he sees a girl broken–with the only light in her life extinguished. Compelled by compassion, Leandro enters her room to comfort her. Although unnerved by a new presence in her room, Pauline softens when Leandro starts singing to her an old melody; a song that speaks to the sadness in Pauline’s heart. And so she began to call him her angel, sent by her mother to take her grief away.

But how long can a boy keep pretending to be angel at night, when he’s day job as a street urchin categorizes him as anything but?

Leandro decides to change his ways for Pauline, but it is too late. He is caught and sent away. By the time he is able to come back for Pauline, the girl is gone. The remaining reason for his changing his life for good has been taken from him. And so he decides to take his own life.

That is, until he is saved by Theresa (Eula Valdez).

After losing her husband and child due to a road rage incident, she could understand the despair Leandro feels at being left alone in the world. So she decides to take him in. To adopt him. And together, she wants for them to move on. To start a new life together. And this is when Leandro’s story begins its new chapter.

Graduating valedictorian in his high school class, the teenaged Leandro (Kristoffer Martin) is excited to begin his new life in college–having been given the opportunity to audition for a prestigious music department in a state university. But when Theresa finds out what he is planning, she adamantly opposes his plans.

And so Leandro is forced to keep his musical dreams restrained to poetry–poetry that gets commissioned by a new friend, John (Lucho Ayala), who has finally found the courage to court his childhood best friend–Pauline (Julie Anne San Jose).

Although John finds Leandro’s poems a little cheesy, he thinks highly enough of them to give the words to Pauline–who, in turn, loves Leandro’s writing, and gives them melody. Making songs out of them. Songs she records because of a misguided dream unwittingly given by her loving grandfather Tino (Ronaldo Valdez).

Pauline’s father Ernest (Michael de Mesa) has been in jail for around a decade now, for a single mistake that took the lives of two innocent people. Pauline thinks, because of Tino’s vague answers about clemency and presidential pardons, that if she becomes a successful and popular singer, she can ask the President for her father to be released from jail. For this to happen, Pauline needs John’s help to make her famous.

And to help Pauline, John will turn to Leandro. Not knowing that by doing so, he is bridging the gap between two souls who has longed for each other since they were children. Not knowing that he is creating his own rival when he introduces Leandro to Pauline.

But John has made his intentions for Pauline clear to Leandro. And Pauline has made her stand clear to John, that she sees him only as a friend.

Where will Leandro put himself between the two?

Friendship, family, and love will be tested in Kahit Nasaan Ka Man, as the sins of the past begin to affect the present and their futures, and music becomes their only escape.

Kahit Nasaan Ka Man begins airing on GMA Network on the 23rd of September, on the timeslot after news program 24 Oras. The series is helmed by Gil Tejada, Jr, with the production team of Mundo Mo’y Akin, and the creative team of My Husband’s Lover headed by Suzette Doctolero. The series also features the prowess of acting veterans: Tessie Tomas, Yayo Aguila, and Miss Rita Avila.

Television: Kabang, the hero dog, gets spotlight on ‘Magpakailanman’

"Kabang: Hero Dog"

Dogs are known to be man’s best friend. But in this one instance, this particular dog became a man’s saving grace.

But Kabang’s story begins earlier than that. Earlier than his inception, actually. Because his story begins with Mang Rudy Bunggal. A simple man with a simple dream: he wanted to be a soldier. But because of the political climate, his mother forbade him to do so. And to ensure that he doesn’t go to camp without her consent, she tore up his birth certificate.

Hurting, Rudy decided to run away to find himself sans his dream.

In his journey, he ended up in Malaysia where he started a family. But his stay in the country was illegal. Against his wishes, he was separated from his family and deported back to the Philippines.

Rudy was forlorn. Nothing in his life was going right. And so he took to alcohol. It was during this time that he met a new family–one that will show him what he needed in his life: to find his mother again. To make amends. To move on.

But how can he do so when he can no longer find his way back?

Rudy decided to just be a good provider for his new found family. And it was during this time that he found Kabang.

A small pup, all Rudy saw in the dog was that it can grow up to become a delicious side dish for when he’s drinking with friends. But Dina, his pseudo-adopted daughter takes to the dog. The two become inseparable, and Rudy can’t find it in himself to take the dog away from her.

And so the two became close. Dina and Kabang. To see one would be to see the other. And it turned out to be a good thing. Because one fateful day, a motorcycle who had to swerve to avoid collision found itself on another collision course–with Dina! Kabang acted fast and used herself to block the motorcycle’s path. Dina was saved.

But Kabang lost the top half of his snout.

This would’ve been the end of Kabang’s story, but when the news broke out about the heroic deeds of this dog, Kabang became a celebrity. Help poured in. Kabang was given a second chance at life.

Kabang was sent to the US, and Rudy became a staple on the news.

One of the features on his life reached a shelter in a nearby province. An old woman has heard his name being said on television, and wondered–if this is the same Rudy she has been looking for decades.

A nurse makes contact with the foundation that has been helping Rudy and Kabang. Rudy finds out the name of the woman looking for him.

It’s his mother. The one he tried to find. The one he tried to go back to.

She has found him, because of Kabang.

But as time ticks down for Kabang, it does so as well for Rudy’s mother. Will Kabang’s spirit and courage lend itself to Rudy as he finds himself face to face with the woman who’s been missing in his life for decades?

Find out tonight on Magpakailanman; featuring Ricky Davao, Jillian Ward, and Snooky Serna in an episode written by Glaiza Ramirez, based on the research of Jonathan Cruz, and directed by Dick Lindayag.

Magpakailanman airs Saturday nights, after Vampire ang Daddy Ko.

Television: A loyal wife becomes an HIV carrier this Saturday on ‘Magpakailanman’

Magpakailanman: May AIDS ang Asawa Ko

Human immunodeficiency virus, more commonly known as HIV, is a disease that’s primarily transmitted via unprotected sexual intercourse. The more sexual partners you acquire, the greater risk you take on at being infected.

But what do you do when you’ve only been with one partner your whole life and you find out that you are HIV positive?

This is the story of Melissa Fernando, not her real name, who is happily married to a seaman who swore loyalty to her on their wedding day. After dealing with a dragon of an ex-wife, and the normal paranoia of second wives, the two thought they were finally living a fairy tale life.

Until Melissa is summoned to fetch her husband early from his work. And she finds out that he’s gravely ill. Test results baffle the doctors on what could be wrong with Melissa’s husband–until one of them suggests he be tested for HIV, and he comes out positive.

Melissa’s life is crushed. And just when things couldn’t possibly get worse, she finds out that she’s positive too. Thinking that maybe the ex-wife was the source of the disease, Melissa confronts the woman only to be confronted by the truth that her fairy tale marriage was a sham. The ex-wife came out negative. Her husband contracted the disease after he wed Melissa.

And worst of all, Melissa’s son starts showing symptoms of having the HIV disease.

This Saturday, find out what lengths a mother would go for the safety of her son, for an assured future that she might not even witness. Together with host Mel Tiangco, Magpakailanman hopes to debunk the misconceptions about HIV and to explore the life of an HIV survivor.

Featuring the stellar Jennylyn Mercado, together with Mark Herras, Gwen Zamora, Kathleen Hermosa, and Bing Davao, Magpakailanman presents “May AIDS ang Asawa Ko,” a cautionary tale about the dangers of affairs and the truths about HIV; directed by Laurice Guillen, with a script by Senedy Que, based on the research of Jonathan Cruz.

Television: A dad becomes both parents in tonight’s ‘Magpakailanman’

"Magpakailanman: Ronaldo Niangar"

He was a ne’er-do-well who wanted life to be easy. That is, until he met the woman who forced him on the straight and narrow.

Ronaldo Niangar knows that he didn’t lead a good and honest life. Which is why it was particularly difficult for him to court the woman he wanted to marry. She wanted him to change, and he did too–except to change is easier said than done.

But life has a way of forcing us to be good. Ronaldo’s time came when his youngest daughter fell with an illness that placed her in a comatose state.

His wife decided that to make ends meet, she would have to apply as a domestic helper abroad. Ronaldo wanted to stop her, but couldn’t. And then she proceeded to disappear from his life, and his children’s lives.

His youngest daughter wakes up from a coma, but something’s changed. Her illness had allowed for cerebral palsy to develop, and the girl is now vegetative in state, even though she is no longer in a coma.

As responsibilities pile up on Ronaldo, how long can he hold out before he returns to his old ways? How can someone who only wanted an easy life suffer this kind of life?

Find out tonight, on Magpakailanman, in Flowers of Hope: The Ronaldo Niangar Story, featuring Mr. Ogie Alcasid in the starring role. Joining him in the episode are Manilyn Reynes, Lexi Fernandez, Eva Darren, Spanky Manikan, and Mona Louise Rey. The episode also features the special appearances of Protege winners Jeric Gonzales and Thea Tolentino.

Flowers of Hope: The Ronaldo Niangar Story is written by Mary Rose Colindres, based on the research of Gel Launo. The episode was directed by Dondon Santos.

Web: Jorgendipity Revisited


Jorgendipity is the story about Christine, a girl who gets a second shot at the one who got away. It starts with her first day at her new work, where she accidentally reconnects with Jorgen, the aforementioned ‘one who got away,’ and proceeds from there.

Last night, the team behind Jorgendipity (me, not included) presented to select members of the press the product behind the short web-series: Jergens. This was supposed to be a closely guarded secret, but I think someone figured it out by the third episode.

Today, they’re uploading the final episode.

I have to say, I’m very grateful to both Jergens and M2Comms for the opportunity to write the mini-series. They took a gamble with me, seeing as this is my first foray into writing for the web. (To clarify, my training is in writing for television and theater.) I was very happy when I learned that they loved my script; but not as happy when I saw the feedback that people were leaving about the mini-series.

No, Jorgendipity is far from perfect. But it’s a start. And this actually gives me the confidence to do something I’ve been meaning to do since college. (I initially thought it was during my years as an online content producer, but a fairly recent e-mail from a friend reminded me that I’ve been wanting to do this since college.)

Please watch the last episode of Jorgendipty. You’ll find it uploaded on YouTube and on the official fan page: Who is Jorgen?

And I’ll be posting updates here when I finally get around to doing my own productions. Hopefully, before the year ends.

Television: My Husband’s Lover

"My Husband's Lover"

What would you do if you find out that your husband is cheating on you–with another man?

This is the story of Lally Agatep-Soriano (Carla Abellana), her struggle to be the best wife for the husband she loves, and her discovery of her husband’s most kept secret. This is the story of Vincent Soriano (Tom Rodriguez), and the effort he makes in keeping his two worlds–the one with wife Lally, and the one he’s not ready to reveal to everyone–apart. And this is also the story of Eric del Mundo (Dennis Trillo), the man who will come between husband and wife.

My Husband’s Lover is not an easy story to tell.

Sure, you can say that it’s just another love story with a third party. But when have you seen a story where you empathize with the third party? Because we know where Lally is coming from, we know where she wants to go, and we don’t want her to get hurt.

Yes, Lally is the wife. But in this love story, if you read the synopsis that’s going around the ‘net, and if you watch the trailers that has been released, you’ll understand: the wife is the third party between two men who love each other.

Does that make Vincent and Eric the villains in the story? No. They’re not even antagonists. They love. And they love Lally. Well, Vincent does. To a point. And they hurt too. Because growing up, they know that many people would look at them and say that their love is wrong.

But how can love be wrong?

This is one of the question that this new show endeavors to explore beginning tonight, June 10, when GMA-7 presents the compelling stories of a wife, of her husband, and of her husband’s lover.

From the creative mind of Suzette Doctolero, with the writing team of Amaya and One True Love, the production team of The Good Daughter and Temptation of Wife, and director Dominic Zapata, My Husband’s Lover also features Kuh Ledesma, Chanda Romero, Glydel Mercado, and Mr. Roi Vinzon. Also part of the cast are Pancho Magno, Victor Basa, Kevin Santos, Bettina Carlos, Karel Marquez, and Mike Magat.

My Husband’s Lover airs weeknights, after Mundo Mo’y Akin.

Television: A mother gives up her children to care for her husband

"Magpakailanman: Susan Maniego"

Witness a different level of devotion this Saturday on Magpakailanman!

Susan Maniego is a wife who would do anything for her husband–to the point that she gave her children up, so she could stay by his side while he’s confined in the hospital–which he’s been in for more than seventeen years now!

But can a mother really turn her back on her children? Especially when one of them enters into marriage herself?

Experience the touching story of a mother and a daughter who has grown apart, find common ground in the thing that drove them from each other’s lives: marriage.

The Susan Maniego Story features Lorna Tolentino, Isabel Oli, Polo Ravales, and Mr. Michael de Mesa, in an episode directed by Laurice Guillen, with a script by Rona Lean Sales, based on the research of Loi Argel Nova. The episode also features Arnold Reyes and Sheila Marie Rodriguez.

Magpakailanman airs this Saturday night, after Vampire ang Daddy Ko.