Web: The Origins of Tala

"The Origins of Tala"

I’m going to warn you right off the bat: this is an advertisement. I’m promoting something I made with a bunch of friends who are into the same weird stuff as I am: Super Sentai, cosplaying, and Filipino mythology. We call this project: Mythos.

Mythos will be an online series that revolves around a group of people who must bond together as a team to prevent the all-powerful Bacunaua from waking, effectively stopping the coming of a new dark age. Inspired by both Super Sentai and Power Rangers, Mythos marries together the Japanese tokusatsu genre with a twisted version of our local folklore.

Now, what does Mythos have to do with The Origins of Tala?

Producing an online series, it turns out, is a lot of hard work–and a lot more complicated to schedule. Especially when you don’t have a budget to begin with. So instead of going full steam on the series right away, we made a detour to see just how well the series will be received by netizens. We made The Origins of Tala.

Tala is one of the characters we created for Mythos; a plucky girl who gets waylaid by a sudden change in her life, she finds a new purpose when she goes head to head against the supernatural forces hiding in the shadows of everyday life. In the four episodes we produced, she journeys from being clueless to bad-ass.

Obviously, I’m not going to nitpick something I had a hand in making–even if I know that there’s a million things we could’ve still done to improve it. But this was a learning experience for us. And now we know that there are a lot more things we have to take into consideration when we finally begin production on our main series.

In the meantime, please boost our confidence by watching the episodes of The Origins of Tala on YouTube. Here’s the trailer, to get you started:


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