Winner: Congratulations to Sj Perez for winning the Mockingjay tickets!

I actually did the random drawing yesterday midnight. I just didn’t have the time to actually post the result, so this is a day late–

"Mockingjay Screening Winner"

Without further ado, congratulations to Sj Perez for winning the two tickets to the Mockingjay screening.

I had to disqualify two entries because they came from people who already joined. Or from the same IP address, with the same surname (or the same e-mail account, or the same profile picture) as I felt it would be unfair to those who only put in one comment.

Sj Perez, do leave a comment here on how I can contact you (e-mail first, preferably, as it’s not safe to just post your mobile number online for anyone to see) so I can hand over the tickets to you!

Thank you for everyone who joined. And congratulations again, Sj!

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