Book: “Horror: Filipino Fiction for Young Adults”

"Horror: Filipino Fiction for Young Adults"

Perhaps the first of its kind released in the Philippines, Horror: Filipino Fiction for Young Adults was conceived solely with the Filipino young adult reader in mind, with stories taht explore the concerns and fears of today’s youth through the lens of horror written by new and experienced authors.

Horror: Filipino Fiction for Young Adults is the first of a series of anthologies covering science fiction, fantasy, and other genres, presented by award-winning editors Dean Francis Alfar and Kenneth Yu.

I found this gem of a book at the Quezon Avenue branch of National Bookstore. I must say, I love how this particular bookstore display their Filipino literature prominently alongside their imported counterparts.

That aside…aside, Horror: Filipino Fiction for Young Adults is a breath of fresh air from the anthologies I’ve read in the past. Not that I’m dissing the other anthologies. It’s just that, I found this collection easier to read. It’s friendlier to casual readers.

My favorite story off this bunch is “Mommy Agnes” because of its twist. No, I’m not talking about the Shyamalan reveal. I’m pertaining to the dramatic twist at the end, which I totally did not expect this being a horror collection. It was well done. Subtle and not overly dramatic. Not very Filipino, come to think of it.

And if I picked the one I liked best, I have to pick one I liked least too–and that has to be “Eat Me.” Let’s just say it’s a matter of preferences, because I can’t really say anything bad about the short story. I just don’t like it.

What I love most about this collection though is the fact that it doesn’t try to explain its existence. It’s a book of horror stories for readers. Sure it says its Filipino Fiction, but it really doesn’t matter what nationality you are when you’re reading the stories. They are what they are. And no matter who you are, or where you are, some of this stories will spook you out of your seats.

But, of course, I cannot end this post without shamelessly plugging my other blog: Filipino Scares. If you’re into horror stories, do check my stories out!


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