Book: He’s Dating the Ice Princess

"He's Dating the Ice Princess"

For the longest time, Charice Eliza Mendoza hasn’t let anyone get too close to her, not even her mother or her best friend, Bianca. It may seem like a lonely life, but that’s exactly how she prefers it: having very few attachments, no connections to her past, and no one knowing who she really is.

Then Daryl Seuk Kang walks into her life. The high school heartthrob and all-around golden boy has been eyeing Charice for a while, and now he’s determined to get to know her better.

Will Charice finally learn to warm up to someone? And what will she do once people discover her secret?

I thought I would give another Pop Fiction book a try after being less than impressed with She’s Dating a Gangster and The Bet. Recent discoveries had made me realize that I might have been harsher on the writers when I should be more critical of the editors. But after reading He’s Dating the Ice Princess, I think I should be critical of both.

The book suffers from a story that doesn’t know where it’s going until it’s nearly the end. You know the type? Where the writer just keeps on writing until they get bored with the story and ends it because the story wasn’t really even going anywhere.

At its heart, He’s Dating the Ice Princess is supposed to be a love story where your female protagonist is competing for her love interest’s heart–with herself. Or her alter-ego who her love interest is in love with before. Unfortunately, said alter-ego only gets mentioned twice. Once near the beginning, and then the second time near the end. And then she appears.

Initially, I thought the alter-ego was an avatar for an online role-playing game. Mostly because of the way it’s mentioned. Now, I think it’s mostly because I would rather the alter-ego be an avatar in an online role-playing game than what it turns out to be. Our female protagonist is a gangster. One who gets into fights and stuff. Not the fake one that She’s Dating the Gangster has. And we get no clue as to why the male love interest falls in love with that gangster persona.

Heck, we don’t even realize he had a thing for the gangster persona until they face each other in the last chapter of the book. The same chapter we find out that our female protagonist is a gangster. The same chapter where we find out that there was an ongoing love triangle to begin with!

We plow through absolute drivel that’s been rehashed in so many young adult romance books only to find out in the end that there could’ve been an interesting story if the editor had just done her work and edited the shit out of this ‘novel.’

Summit Books, I beg you: hire editors who know what they’re supposed to do. Editors who can work with start-up writers to improve their stories, not make them worse than they are.

If you’re going for the most popular stories on Wattpad, make them better. Don’t just ride on their train–fix the rails that they run on. Because once you ride these trains through, there won’t be any going back. The tracks are already ruined.

And I’m sorry for the train analogy, but that’s the best one I could come up with right now.

Basically, to the writer of He’s Dating the Ice Princess, if you see yourself going for a career in writing–read more books. And learn to properly plan a story.

To the editor of this book, and to Summit Books, I repeat the same request I keep asking: please pick better stories to publish. Or, at the very least, make better the stories you’re publishing.


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