Television: Ang Dalawang Mrs Real

"Ang Dalawang Mrs Real"

Are films and television programs about a philandering husband and the drama it entails about to reach its saturation point? We’ve gone from No Other Woman to My Neighbor’s Wife, from The Temptation of Wife to The Legal Wife. Are there any more ways to tell the same story?

There is. Actually.

My Husband’s Lover changed the landscape of how a soap opera can be told, with its quiet confrontations instead of screaming matches. And GMA Network is hoping to do the same with its newest offering: Ang Dalawang Mrs Real (trans: The Two Mrs Real). But it’s also hoping to do more.

In Ang Dalawang Mrs Real, the man in question isn’t a philanderer. Anthony Real (Dingdong Dantes) is a good man. A little too proud, a little too hard-headed, but he has a heart that bleeds for the oppressed. So how does a ‘good’ man get into bed with two women? How does a ‘good’ man end up married to two women who know nothing about the existence of the other?

That is not the story of Ang Dalawang Mrs Real–but the answers to those questions will set up the changes that will affect all the characters in the show. No one will be left unscathed.

In other programs, the confrontation of the problem usually happens in the middle of the story, with the momentum from the revelations propelling to show to a happy ending. But what if there’s no possible happy ending for any of the characters?

Ang Dalawang Mrs Real aims to share a story that’s realistic of today’s struggles and values. The revelations isn’t a far-off idea that viewers will be forced to wait for. They will, instead, serve as catalysts for the real stories to begin. Stories that are usually avoided. Stories that are now going to be told. On GMA Telebabad.

Ang Dalawang Mrs Real also stars Ms. Maricel Soriano, Lovi Poe, Alessandra de Rossi, Rodjun Cruz, Marc Abaya, Dominic Roco, Jaime Fabregas, Robert Arevalo, theater actress and folk singer Celeste Legaspi, Tommy Abuel, Susan Africa, Diva Montelaba, Robert Sena, Marco Alcaraz, and returning after two decades to the Kapuso Network: Ms. Coney Reyes. The soap opera will be directed by Andoy Ranay (One True Love, Mundo Mo’y Akin), with the creative team of Suzette Doctolero (Encantadia, Amaya, My Husband’s Lover) and Geng delos Reyes-Delgado.


2 thoughts on “Television: Ang Dalawang Mrs Real

  1. nanonood ako ng dalawang mrs.real ang ganda bkit hinatulan ng kaso si anthony real at saka magwawakas na pala ang ganda pa naman ❤ ❤ ❤

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