Book: Bakemono High 2

"Bakemono High 2"

Love is in the air at Bakemono High: from love potions to puppy love, this one has it all! COntinuing from the pages of K-Zone Magazine, these are the adventures of Max, Chuck, and Amy, best friends who are too ghoul for school!

If you’re in need for a dose of cute, then you’re in luck–because Bakemono High continues to deliver that in spades. In the title’s second independent collection, creator Elbert Or tackles the intricacies of love…in the high school age. I would argue that the characters sometimes read as grade schoolers, but who knows? Maybe they are. Just because a school is called Blah-blah “High,” it doesn’t automatically mean that all students there are high school students, right?

But I’m getting away from the topic at hand–

Bakemono High delivers what readers continue to expect from the title: light-hearted fun, with a small dose of geekery. And this title, just like the first one, is perfect for casual readers who just want to pass the time in between things to do.

In a perfect world, we can get a longer Bakemono High serial. The characters are way too three-dimensional for them not to have one. But you can’t argue with the winning formula of short and sweet either.

That said, after reading this particular Bakemono High collection, I kinda missed one of Elbert’s older works–the one where he collaborated with Jamie Bautista. Cast. It’s also set in high school, it has romance, and it was one of the best comics serials at the time.

I continue to hold out hope that the Cast characters would be brought to life again. Until then, I’ll content myself with Bakemono High for my dose of the comics-induced warm fuzzies.

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