Book: Animen 5-6

"Animen 6"

In the first four issues of Animen, we meet four of six plane crash survivors who suddenly gain superpowers–based on animals that they see just before they lost consciousness during the crash.

They find out that the lightning that caused their plane to crash, was also the source of their new-found powers. And that supernatural beings want to take the pieces of lightning embedded on their bodies to rid the world of humans.

Yes, it’s not the most original of plots–but at least it has one. And you can pretty much tell where the story is going.

Oh, wait. Were you looking for a synopsis? Well, I can’t really include the actual synopsis as it pretty much spoils whatever happens in the previous issues; so you’ll have to make do with the gist. Which is what I already gave. So let’s get one with it–

Whatever goodwill I had for the series is quickly dissipating. Not because the quality went down, it’s the same. It’s just that… I can’t believe I was taken in for a ride. I actually thought Animen was on to something okay, if not good. But as we get to know the characters better, I find myself not caring less and less about them. And, to be honest, I also find them a little grating.

On a good note, all the characters have distinct personalities. Unfortunately, you can’t relate to any one of them. One owns a chopper, one owns a yacht. Both of them don’t seem to have any family or work. And our one anchor to the crazy world that writer Ron Mendoza is relegated to the sidelines, while he tries to make a romantic move after killing– Oh, wait. Spoilers.

So, yeah. The characters of Animen, now that we know them, are shallow, self-absorbed, and kind of selfish. They don’t have redeeming qualities, and the only thing that’s keeping me from rooting against them is the fact that the villains are… well… more evil.

But I plan to stick with the series. It’s just a few issues now, anyway. Let’s see where the writer takes the plot. And I will read them without expectations. Or, at the very least, with less expectations than I had for the first six issues. Let’s just hope that whatever happens in the last issues would actually make sense.


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