Book: My Midnight, The Graphic Novel

"My Midnight"

Midnight’s sister Dawn went missing when Midnight was still a child. Dawn, it is believed, was abducted by a strange ghostly creature.

A few years later, Midnight and her parents transfer to Candon, a strange little town in the province of Ilocos Sur–strange because vampires, rumors abound, roam the town.

Midnight hates Candon and wants to go back to Manila. But she abruptly changes her mind when she meets Yael, the most gorgeous young man she has met. Midnight instantly knows she is in love while Yael seems determined to stay away from her.

Yael, it seems, isn’t what he appears to be.

I’m taking whatever I said about Dark Side back. At least that had a semblance of an original thought. In comparison to My Midnight, the graphic novelization of Precious Hearts Romance book of the same title, Dark Side can be considered a work of art.

I’m not dissing for dissing’s sake. I want the local publishing industry to flourish. But why must we insult the intelligence of local readers?

My Midnight is localized Twilight. Twilight-lite, at that. Our main character has more powers than Bella Swan, but even less personality. I didn’t know that was even possible. And then there’s leading man Yael. At his worst Edward Cullen was a stalker, Yael trumps him with a split personality. But at least that’s a character trait, right? That’s a personality?

I came in to My Midnight with no expectations. I lowered my standards. You could step on the standards I was going to hold this book down to. And still the book didn’t hold up.

What’s wrong with it? Why don’t we list it down:

Story. Ripping Twilight off would have been fine if the story presented something new. Or, at the very least, improved upon the source material. That didn’t happen. Obviously. The story is all over the place as the writer (or should I say writers, since they’re crediting someone else for the graphic novel?) tries to make this not look like Twilight.

The lack of plot development. We get presented an event. It’s going to happen again. Except, by the third act, they’ve forgotten about it because villain has emerged with a bigger plan. Which leads me to:

Characters. We get introduced to a semi-villain who doesn’t really do anything and becomes an ally without an explanation. And then there’s:

Character development. The utter lack of it. Our hero hates Candon. She leaves town. And then she gets saved by Yael. And then she forgets that she wants to leave the place. Heck, she didn’t even think about her (character-less) parents when she decided she wanted to leave the place.

Structure. Things happen because they need to happen. It’s obvious that someone just wants to push the story along because nothing happens organically. And the bad thing is, unnecessary moments still pop up in the book. Like a bookstore scene where our main character just ogles at Yael.


The whole thing is inane.

I respect Precious Hearts Pages for what they are trying to do for the local publishing industry. But please, get your editors to turn down stories like this. My Midnight will not help the industry.

And don’t tell me that this wasn’t written for the intellectual public. Precious Hearts readers read things in Filipino, not English. If this was intended for them, My Midnight would also be in Filipino. It’s not.

Not that it would’ve done any good.

Now I’m wary of my last Black Ink series to read…


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