Book: Blankets


This is the most religious graphic novel I picked up– Which is odd, considering what happens in the end.

Okay, backing up a little: I picked this graphic novel up because it looked interesting. A bit pricey at over a thousand pesos; this, along with the visual companion for the World War Z film, was my Christmas present for myself. And if we’re friends, you’ll know that I will never intentionally pick up a religious anything.

So it’s a good thing I had no idea what the graphic novel was about. Because had I an inkling, I wouldn’t have picked it up. And I would have missed out on a great story about brotherhood, family, unconditional love, and religion.

Yes, religion.

I haven’t converted. I don’t think I’ll ever be a Christian in this lifetime. But I do respect the religion and the people who put their faith in it. Especially the ones who actually practices what they preach. And the ones who don’t shy away from the more controversial topics of discussion.

And although this book is far from controversial, it certainly doesn’t shy away from positing thoughts of confusion, of doubt–and I love it. Because isn’t that how you’re supposed to understand things? By thinking. By talking it out. By presenting opposing thoughts that would make everything clearer.

One of the reasons why I don’t like going to church, especially here in the Philippines, is because the word of the priest is good. Notice how I didn’t say “Word of God?” That’s because I don’t think the Christian God speaks through priests. If He’s supposed to speak through people, I would like to think He speaks through our hearts. Because that would be the purest connection, wouldn’t it? The one connection that cannot be altered, affected, misinterpreted?

And that is how I see Blankets. Craig Thompson shares his experience with the religion, but instead of hammering his readers with fact after fact after fact–he lets his heart do the talking.

Are you familiar with Blankets? Have you read it? Share your thoughts with me.


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