Onwards to 2014!

"Onwards to 2014!"

Happy New Year!

2013 was quite the year for many of us, hasn’t it? But as that one Kelly Clarkson song says, “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger,” and I do think we’re going to be stronger this 2014.

I’m not going to waste your time with listing down New Year’s resolutions. Let’s be honest here. I’m probably never going to remember to do them anyway. So instead, I will do what I have been doing the past couple of years: making small promises. Those are easier to accomplish, and I don’t have to feel bad when I fail to do them.

Promise #1: Don’t make a new blog. I have four at last count. Five, if we include my barely updated personal blog. I’m starting to have a system, and right now, I just want to see this system work. Maybe I’ll introduce changes next year. For now, I’m settling with reliable.

Promise #2: I’m going to watch more Filipino productions. Last year, I made a promise to post at least one Filipino work a week. I cheated a little bit this year, with promotional posts for Magpakailanman instead of writing about books or films. So this year, I hope to complete my Filipino Fridays with just books, film, and theater productions.

Promise #3: Write at least one travel post. Which means, travel out of the metro at least once. I pretty much kept to Metro Manila last 2013, with the exception of the Singapore-Malaysia trip that was more headache-inducing than fun. This year, I’m planning on experiencing Cebu for a weekend, and going to either Japan or Korea to finally see snow in person. The goal is to go somewhere I’ve never been before. And that’s what I am going to do.

And my last promise is this: Create.

In 2013, I wrote a lot. But most of what I wrote were for this blog, and while I love this as an outlet, writing reaction posts is not the reason why I worked hard to become a writer. Writing for My Husband’s Lover, for Kahit Nasaan Ka Man, for Magpakailanman, and that one time on Unforgettable–those times affirmed my need to tell stories. And so this 2014, I will write more stories. Not all of them will be for television, and most of them will probably turn out not the way I expect. But one thing’s for sure…

2014 will be the year of creation.


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