Movie: My Little Bossings

"My Little Bossings"

When millionaire Babu is put under the bus for a pyramid scheme she isn’t even involved with, she tasks her personal assistant to hide her son with his family. But Torky, her assistant, will have family issues of his own to deal with when he brings his boss’s son home, only to find an estranged relative with a strange ward.

Okay, so I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. It helps, I think, that the direction was good. But the best part of the film for me has to be the fact that Vic Sotto’s character is not the main focus of the story.

My Little Bossing do actually focus on the characters played by Kris Aquino’s son Bimby, and Ryzza Mae Dizon. Neither of whom are good actors, but deliver solid enough performances that will tug at your heart strings.

The best part of the film though has to be Jaclyn Jose, who seems to just be enjoying the film for what it is: good fun. Her acting here is by no means awards-worthy, but the fun she’s having with role is positively contagious. You can’t help but have fun alongside her.

And for the first time in a Vic Sotto movie since the second Enteng Kabisote movie (the only one with Alice Dixon and Marian Rivera), we actually get a lot of heart. Now, I have some complaints about the lines and some set-ups, but I love how the film underlines how important talking is in families.

It’s no secret to my friends how much I’ve wanted to write an Okey Ka Fairy Ko movie; one that puts the franchise back on what really made it work before: its emphasis on family values. Watching My Little Bossings, I think I can let go of that dream now. Because this film actually actualizes the story I’ve been wanting to write for Okey Ka Fairy Ko. And although it’s not perfect, it hits the right notes.

There is actually just one thing I want to complain about in this film. (Surprising, again, for a Vic Sotto film.) It’s the characters. Some of them have questionable principles (Vic’s being on the forefront of this one), most of them are not consistent, and some of them have unclear goals. I think, had the screenplay clarified the characters and made them more whole, the whole movie would’ve been better.

But the movie’s already out there. We can only be thankful for the parts they got right.

Hopefully, this starts a trend for Vic Sotto movies to start focusing again on what made his old films something we remember fondly: the right family values.

One thought on “Movie: My Little Bossings

  1. 10000 hours review:
    Overall, the casts, even the ones with minor roles, have played their part well. There were some scenes that looked amateurish but the coherence of the story is solid. The twist in the end, while not original, is passable. Compared to other local films being produced 10,000 Hours is arguably one of the best.

    View full review here:

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