Book: Zombinoy #5

"Zombinoy #5"

Just like the biblical apocalypse, nothing can stop the zombie end-of-the-world event. Everyone will be equal: rich and poor, genius and uneducated, handsome and ugly–Lakers and Miami fans.

Okay, so it doesn’t actually say that at the back of Zombinoy‘s latest issue. But it was long and it was in Filipino, so I translated it and shortened it. Yes, the part about the Lakers and the Miami fans really were there.

Now. About the latest issue.

I don’t like it.

After the stellar fourth issue of Zombinoy, the writers of the comics seems to have lost interest in the world they created. And I wouldn’t have gotten this idea if it weren’t for the note at the back of the issue where they say that they’re wrapping up the story in the next issue.

I’m saying issue a lot. Then again, I have a lot of issues with this installment.

Number one; the characters. We have, by now, established a connection with leads Clara and Paolo. They barely appear here. And most of their panels are accompanied with lyrics to a song. Paolo’s brother gets relegated to a fool’s mission of getting survivors off a ferry and to safety. I think. But they just get swarmed and shot at. And let’s not even go to the mostly absent president.

Number two; the lack of content. I was pleased when I first saw the thick issue. And then I realized that it was thick because it had a lot of panels for action. Mindless action. Action that don’t really propel the story forward. And then I was miffed.

Number three; the lack of direction. We get teased with a cure. We get teased with a conspiracy. Neither one goes anywhere. We get really cheap thrills instead.

So what are we supposed to do with Zombinoy? It’s ending in the next issue. But with a penultimate issue like this, would we even want to know where the creators plan to take this disaster?

Well, I have until May to figure out my answer.

In the meantime, check out the photos I took from last November 16’s Komikon at the newly made Facebook fan page for Taking a Break!

2 thoughts on “Book: Zombinoy #5

  1. Okay. I need to be honest here but I don’t have any idea that this comic book existed. Boo to me! And based on your tags, it’s a dystopia. Wow! I didn’t know that we have our own version of the said genre. What I usually encounter in our markets are contemporaries and chick lit. Oh well, maybe I didn’t try hard enough.

    I am sorry that you didn’t enjoy this one. But I totally get you. Absent characters + Nonsensical concept + plot that’s going nowhere=NOPE!

    • I didn’t know about it either until I started attending Komikon, so no boo to you since it’s not really something that you can see in bookstores. 🙂

      But yes, we do have a number of dystopian fiction available; the one I recommend highly (although, don’t get too high an expectation) is Karen Francisco’s Naermyth. The premise is amazing. The plot, pacing and characters need some work, but I believe that the second book (whenever it may arrive) would be better. … Well, I’m crossing my fingers. 🙂

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