Book: Fortunately, The Milk

"Fortunately, The Milk"

I was out at the end of the plank, facing certain death, when a rope ladder hit my shoulder and a deep booming voice shouted, ‘Quickly! Climb up the rope ladder!’

And so begins the tallest, and maybe the most exciting, tale Neil Gaiman has ever told.

I really wasn’t planning on picking this title up. I prefer Gaiman’s novels more than his shorter stories. But the randomness of the quote got to me. I had to find out what happened after ‘I’ climbed up the rope ladder. If he did. And why was he standing at the end of a plank anyway?

Oh, spoiler alert: ‘I’ is a guy.

Neil Gaiman’s latest story centers around a dad who doesn’t seem to be very responsible. At least, to his kids’ eyes. And his trip to get milk seems to cement this fact. Until he starts talking about the adventure he had to undertake just to get his kids the milk they want.

The story isn’t very long, and I fear talking too much about it might make me spoil what happens. So I’ll just say this:

Fortunately, The Milk is a fun romp to read whatever age you may be. And I think it’ll be more fun if you read it with a kid…since, I think the book is geared towards kids.

But age won’t stop you from reading a good story, would it?

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