Book: The Superior Spider-Man, Issue #18

"Superior Spider-Man 018"

I really do not like Otto Octavius as Spider-Man. And pitting him against a Spider-Man that is more like Peter Parker has made me decide on one thing. I’m dropping this title. Well, after this current arc.

It’s just that…

Well, I want my Spider-Man to be a hero. Flawed, yes. But a hero. With the right morals. A superhero is someone I’m supposed to look up to. The Superior Spider-Man isn’t someone I’d want to be my role model. I’ve stuck out this long because I keep hoping that the mystery would be unraveled by now. Or, at least, there would be some headway in that front. But the team behind the title have dragged it out to the point that… well, it’s ridiculous how badly paced the story is, in my opinion. We’d get bits and nibbles of the main arc once every four issues?

Well, I’m done.

I’m not even going to post about the next issue anymore. (Hell, it took me forever to get to this one.) I’ll just read and see the end of the Spider-Man 2099 arc, and then that’s it.

I really had high hopes for you, Superior Spider-Man. But ultimately, I think you’re a failed experiment.


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