Book: The Superior Spider-Man, Issue #16

"Superior Spider-Man 016"

No synopsis this time around. Spoiler-y, I guess.

The one important thing I have to say about this issue, is this: it doesn’t disappoint. Thank goodness.

Last time, Spider-Man upped his game by revealing who the Hobgoblin was. I don’t know what the directive is for Dan Slott, writer of the Superior Spider-Man, but he definitely doesn’t shy away from really changing the game. Which is good, because that’s what we signed up for when Otto Octavius became the Superior Spider-Man.

And it took a lot of issues before we finally got the ball rolling. And roll it does.

The best part about this issue? The ticking bomb. We have two characters who finally figure out that the Spider-Man we have now is not the Spider-Man we knew. Now, it’s all a matter of confirmation.

Sure, it’s a little infuriating that two non superheroes are the ones figuring out Otto’s little secret, especially considering the fact that the Avengers have some of the smartest characters this side of the comics industry. And yet none of them have tuned in to the fact that Peter Parker had a sudden personality transplant. Otto isn’t even trying to pretend to be Peter, come on.

But I’m putting that behind me now. Especially since the storyline is very strong right now. Even though we’re still obviously setting things up. Until when, I don’t know. But there’s nothing to complain about right now. So we’ll stick with the good.

The reveal of the Hobgobin, and how they dealt with the aftermath was really brave. The reactions were a little hyper-realistic, but that’s understandable. The part that makes it interesting? How Otto is twisting the image of the friendly neighborhood superhero. He’s no longer the bumbling accidental hero who almost everyone adores. He’s competent now, with self-confidence, and a focus that’s never been seen before. He’s no longer just Spider-Man, he’s the superior version. And he doesn’t care that people are starting to fear him. Otto might actually be relishing this.

And it’s so in character that I find it particularly delicious.

Otto is such an amoral character, and he’s completely destroying Peter Parker’s decision. And this is making me root for Peter’s return. However impossible. And the writer, I think, is doing his job well. Because we’re no longer rooting for the villainous Spidey. We’re rooting for our hero. We want our Peter to come back. And, ultimately, I think that’s the main goal of this team. For us to want what existed before. But he (and they) have ruined the world enough that we’d want our Spidey to clean it up. And that would make for very interesting drama.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

Let’s just tune in, a couple of weeks from now, what Dan Slott and the Marvel team have in plan for the Spider-Man franchise.

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