Book: The Superior Spider-Man, Issue #15

"Superior Spider-Man 015"

Roderick Kingsley, the original Hobgoblin,has agreed to lease the mantle to Phil Urich, the current Hobgoblin and right-hand man to Wilson Fisk, the Kingpin of crime.

The Kingpin had set his operation up in Shadowland, a giant fortress in the middle of Hell’s Kitchen. Shadowland was thought tobe impenetrable. However…

Otto Octavius, the Superior Spider-Man decided it was time to finish Shadowland off once and for all. He laid siege to it and destroyed it, while both Fisk and Urich were still inside.

Now Shadowland is no more and the Kingpin is apparently dead. But a new power is rising in the city… And it’s led by none other than the Green Goblin!

Now this is how you spin a tale. It’s just frustrating how it had to take how many issues for us to see actual plot movement.

Carlie Cooper is back on the case; both Mary Jane Watson and Aunt May have become suspicious of our erstwhile Peter Parker. The only character I don’t really care for is the new love interest, but I get how she is important. Heck, if I were the writer, I know how I would use her to further spin the web of lies Otto Octavius is spinning, or how to wreck it.

But what I really love about this issue is how we Spider-Man’s tale is told while our main character focus turned to the Hobgoblin. Heck, we can even say that he’s the protagonist if our story. The Anti-Hero, if you will.

In this issue of The Superior Spider-Man, we see movement that we haven’t seen since… Heck, since the mind war fought between Peter Parker and Otto Octavius! It’s been that long!

I’m really tired of how Otto Octavius is ruining the image of Spider-Man. I’m very much ready to see Otto develop into a more rounded character, or have Peter come back already.


The tables have turned for the Hobgoblin and the Superior Spider-Man. I’m actually rooting for the Hobgoblin, from the little we’ve seen of his life in the panels of Issue #15. That’s how badly Spidey needs redemption. And he’s not even doing any villainy! So next issue–

Next issue will be a game-changer for me. If we’re going back to status quo, for plot advancement to happen three issues later again, I’m dropping the title. But if we keep with this issue’s pace, then I guess I’ll sign up for another issue.


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