Book: How They Met, and Other Stories

"How They Met and Other Stories"

Where did they meet? It was on a plane. It was at Starbucks. It was in physics class. It was during the war.

How did they meet? It was a setup. It was completely random. They were dancing. One of them ordered a pizza and the other showed up.

What happened? It was instant. It took time. It was a disaster. It lasted.

In this new gathering of stories, award-winning author David Levithan writes all about love, and about all kinds of love. From aching for the one you pine for to (reluctantly) being the one pined after, from standing up and speaking up for the one you love to the pure joy and happiness delivered on the smile of someone else, these stories explore the mysterious magnetism that draws people together in ways both expected and unexpected.

Love is a varied, complicated, addictive, volatile, scary, wonderful thing…and it’s all on display in How They Met, and Other Stories.

How They Met, and Other Stories cements David Levithan as one of my favorite authors. It’s not because I think he can do no wrong, I still haven’t forgotten how much I didn’t like Every You, Every Me. It’s because he knows how to make love real in situations that are very much fantastical.

In this collection of stories, I found myself tearing up a lot while wearing a big smile on my face. The stories are that affecting.

I’m not going to list down the stories I liked and the ones I didn’t. I think that would do a disservice to the collection as a whole. I believe they were included for a reason. Besides, I think I only disliked two. And it was more like I didn’t care for them more than me not liking them at all.

Overall though, this book is for anyone who is looking to fall in love. Even with fictional characters. Even for a short time.

Actually, saying that, I do have a qualm about some of the stories being too short. But it’s what makes the whole collection work, I think. The fact that it gives you the groundwork for where the story is going, but leaves it to you to see the characters through to their happy endings. Or self-actualization.

But the stories that really affected me, I think, is the one about the families. Well, the love stories that affect the families. What can I say? I really like it when writers don’t forget that there are other characters in a story too. That our heroes don’t exist in a vacuum, a bubble. People are affected by every decision that a person makes.

When ripples are shown in stories, I applaud.

There are times when readers would complain, that giving attention to other characters take away from the main story. Some times this is true. But when done properly…

When done properly, it’s beautiful.

Now, before I go on gushing about this, I’m going to end this here and point you to other blogs that wrote about How They Met, and Other Stories.

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