Book: The Superior Spider-Man, Issue #14

"Superior Spider-Man 014"

When Otto Octavius exchanged bodies with Peter Parker, he gained the amazing skills of Spider-Man — and all of Peter’s memories. Otto has become the Superior Spider-Man and now carries on Peter’s mission of great responsibility.

However, Otto isn’t above resorting to old tricks. He has blackmailed Mayor J. Jonah Jameson into giving him free reign as Spider-Man. His efforts as Spider-Man are now uncontested by the law.

The Kingpin’s stronghold, Shadowland, continues to stand in Hell’s Kitchen.

The Kingpin commands the ninjas known as The Hand and the murderous maniac known as The Hobgoblin.

If it weren’t for the Green Goblin, I think I’ll be ending my not very superior journey here. Two hundred pesos is two hundred pesos, and I can spend it better elsewhere.

But I’ll hang on for an issue more to see where they’re going to take this Green Goblin arc. Because, seriously, I have no sympathy left for Otto Octavius and the Superior Spider-Man. As a hero, he succeeds in doing a lot of good, yes. But as a character, he fails so much.

Yes, I imagine it’s hard to make a super villain likeable–but the title was heading there when it started. We saw Otto changing. Becoming good. Or, if not that, at least being more conflicted about what he’s doing. Up to the point when he had to face off against the memory of Peter Parker, that is.

Suddenly, we’re back to villain mode for Doc Ock.

Now, if the plan is to keep Otto as the Superior Spider-Man until the next great reboot of Marvel, and you know, not have him become a better person, then just show me the exit please. But if the plan is to make Otto even more devious so you’d root for Peter Parker when he returns, then… Well, then please hurry the eff up.

If I wanted a soulless action flick, I’d watch a Transformers movie. And it’s cheaper too at a hundred and fifty pesos for a copy of the original DVD at the bargain bin. Add twenty-five pesos and I’ll be able to catch the fourth installment when it comes out in theaters. It’s still going to be cheaper than one very thin issue of the Superior Spider-Man.

Rant aside, I just want one thing for this title, really. Make our hero likeable again. Please. Because Spider-Man is my favorite superhero. But at the rate Dan Slott is going with his character assassination, Spider-Man’s already fighting Aquaman for the top spot in my list of heroes I really see no point in existing.


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