Television: Kabang, the hero dog, gets spotlight on ‘Magpakailanman’

"Kabang: Hero Dog"

Dogs are known to be man’s best friend. But in this one instance, this particular dog became a man’s saving grace.

But Kabang’s story begins earlier than that. Earlier than his inception, actually. Because his story begins with Mang Rudy Bunggal. A simple man with a simple dream: he wanted to be a soldier. But because of the political climate, his mother forbade him to do so. And to ensure that he doesn’t go to camp without her consent, she tore up his birth certificate.

Hurting, Rudy decided to run away to find himself sans his dream.

In his journey, he ended up in Malaysia where he started a family. But his stay in the country was illegal. Against his wishes, he was separated from his family and deported back to the Philippines.

Rudy was forlorn. Nothing in his life was going right. And so he took to alcohol. It was during this time that he met a new family–one that will show him what he needed in his life: to find his mother again. To make amends. To move on.

But how can he do so when he can no longer find his way back?

Rudy decided to just be a good provider for his new found family. And it was during this time that he found Kabang.

A small pup, all Rudy saw in the dog was that it can grow up to become a delicious side dish for when he’s drinking with friends. But Dina, his pseudo-adopted daughter takes to the dog. The two become inseparable, and Rudy can’t find it in himself to take the dog away from her.

And so the two became close. Dina and Kabang. To see one would be to see the other. And it turned out to be a good thing. Because one fateful day, a motorcycle who had to swerve to avoid collision found itself on another collision course–with Dina! Kabang acted fast and used herself to block the motorcycle’s path. Dina was saved.

But Kabang lost the top half of his snout.

This would’ve been the end of Kabang’s story, but when the news broke out about the heroic deeds of this dog, Kabang became a celebrity. Help poured in. Kabang was given a second chance at life.

Kabang was sent to the US, and Rudy became a staple on the news.

One of the features on his life reached a shelter in a nearby province. An old woman has heard his name being said on television, and wondered–if this is the same Rudy she has been looking for decades.

A nurse makes contact with the foundation that has been helping Rudy and Kabang. Rudy finds out the name of the woman looking for him.

It’s his mother. The one he tried to find. The one he tried to go back to.

She has found him, because of Kabang.

But as time ticks down for Kabang, it does so as well for Rudy’s mother. Will Kabang’s spirit and courage lend itself to Rudy as he finds himself face to face with the woman who’s been missing in his life for decades?

Find out tonight on Magpakailanman; featuring Ricky Davao, Jillian Ward, and Snooky Serna in an episode written by Glaiza Ramirez, based on the research of Jonathan Cruz, and directed by Dick Lindayag.

Magpakailanman airs Saturday nights, after Vampire ang Daddy Ko.


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