Book: World War Z

"World War Z"

We survived the zombie apocalypse, but how many of us are still haunted by that terrible time? We have (temporarily?) defeated the living dead, but at what cost? Told in the haunting and riveting voices of the men and women who witnessed the horror firsthand, World War Z is the only record of the plague years.

I can’t believe I never wrote about World War Z before. The book, I mean. Then again, I don’t think this blog existed back when I first got my hands on the book. Heck, I can’t even find my book now. I had to buy a new one so I could read it again.

On the fourth go, the book is still as emotionally powerful as it was the first time I read it. On the one hand, this makes me appreciate the film version more, because it really diverted from the source material; but at the same time, I can’t believe the producers would waste so much of World War Z‘s potential at a gut-wrenching creature feature. In the literal and figurative sense.

Reading the book again, I am reminded of the reason why my interest in zombie fiction started. I’m a confessed coward. Biohazard scared the shit out of me when it came out. I was in grade school then. The old Dawn of the Dead gave me nightmares. But World War Z made me a zombie fan. This was the book that made me realize zombie stories are not stories about zombies. Zombie fiction is about the people left behind.

I wish I saw more of this in the film version of World War Z. The people. The human factor. How we took back our world from the brink of a zombie apocalypse. Instead of having Brad Pitt’s character going around the world looking for a miracle cure/answer. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I still give the film good marks even in hindsight, but I can’t help but wish. You know?

I have a dream that somewhere down the line, an enterprising wannabe would develop World War Z into a mini-series. For HBO maybe. A documentary of how people fought back. Of how people were during the zombie wars. Maybe the book’s author, Max Brooks, could do it himself? I don’t know. I’m wishing.

Because I feel really, really bad that so much of the heart-wrenching stories in the book never got told.

At the very least, I hope the people who watched the movie would get interested in reading the book. Seriously.

Read the book.

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