Book: The Superior Spider-Man, Issue #12

"Superior Spider-Man 012"

Otto Octavius is a man who cheated death, but at a price. When he exchanged bodies with Peter Parker, he gained the amazing skills of Spider-Man–and all of Peter’s memories. Otto finally understands Peter’s mission of great responsibility.

Alistair Smythe, the Spider-Slayer, has been imprisoned on the raft awaiting execution since he killed Mayor Jameson’s wife Marla.

The raft was supposed to be closed down after Smythe’s execution and most of the prisoners had been moved elsewhere. But during the execution, Smythe escaped!

Spider-man locked the raft down to prevent Smythe’s escape, trapping the Mayor and his entourage inside with a newly upgraded Scorpion, Boomerang and Vulture!

On the one hand, I’m liking the fact that we’re finally getting a bigger-than-one-issue story. On the other, I’m frustrated that we wait two weeks for that something big to happen, and instead we get filler.

Previously, the Spider-Slayer has equipped three villains with enhancements to make them a bigger threat to Spider-Man. The three escape their restraints and vow vengeance against our wall-crawler. In this issue, the three show their upgrades off. But nothing really happens. They manage to cut and bruise Spider-Man, but from the way our hero is drawn–it doesn’t seem like he’s terribly hurt.

Somewhere else, the civilians are given protection by Spider-Man’s little robot things. Except J. Jonah Jameson takes it upon himself to also roam the halls of the facility to stand off against the Spider-Slayer. So he’s not protected.

We get exposition that the Avengers are not coming. We are told that Spider-Man is countering all of the Spider-Slayer’s moves. And that he is all alone.

At the end of the issue, one empowered villain is already incapacitated. The two others are sent to harm civilians. Spider-Man sets out to destroy the Spider-Slayer once and for all.

So exactly where the eleventh issue left off then. The only difference is that Spider-Man has gotten Jameson’s approval in killing the Spider-Slayer. That’s the only difference.

I don’t think you can fault me for finding that very infuriating. Especially since we still have loose ends! We have the Green Goblin opening arms for all the henchmen and the free villains to band together against the more ruthless Spider-Man. We have Mary Jane Watson and Carlie Cooper having suspicions about this new Peter Parker/Spider-Man. And we get no update there!

I don’t mind being taken along for the ride, so long as there’s something new to be gleaned from it. So long as it’s not just a fool’s errand.

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