Television: A dad becomes both parents in tonight’s ‘Magpakailanman’

"Magpakailanman: Ronaldo Niangar"

He was a ne’er-do-well who wanted life to be easy. That is, until he met the woman who forced him on the straight and narrow.

Ronaldo Niangar knows that he didn’t lead a good and honest life. Which is why it was particularly difficult for him to court the woman he wanted to marry. She wanted him to change, and he did too–except to change is easier said than done.

But life has a way of forcing us to be good. Ronaldo’s time came when his youngest daughter fell with an illness that placed her in a comatose state.

His wife decided that to make ends meet, she would have to apply as a domestic helper abroad. Ronaldo wanted to stop her, but couldn’t. And then she proceeded to disappear from his life, and his children’s lives.

His youngest daughter wakes up from a coma, but something’s changed. Her illness had allowed for cerebral palsy to develop, and the girl is now vegetative in state, even though she is no longer in a coma.

As responsibilities pile up on Ronaldo, how long can he hold out before he returns to his old ways? How can someone who only wanted an easy life suffer this kind of life?

Find out tonight, on Magpakailanman, in Flowers of Hope: The Ronaldo Niangar Story, featuring Mr. Ogie Alcasid in the starring role. Joining him in the episode are Manilyn Reynes, Lexi Fernandez, Eva Darren, Spanky Manikan, and Mona Louise Rey. The episode also features the special appearances of Protege winners Jeric Gonzales and Thea Tolentino.

Flowers of Hope: The Ronaldo Niangar Story is written by Mary Rose Colindres, based on the research of Gel Launo. The episode was directed by Dondon Santos.

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