Web: Jorgendipity Revisited


Jorgendipity is the story about Christine, a girl who gets a second shot at the one who got away. It starts with her first day at her new work, where she accidentally reconnects with Jorgen, the aforementioned ‘one who got away,’ and proceeds from there.

Last night, the team behind Jorgendipity (me, not included) presented to select members of the press the product behind the short web-series: Jergens. This was supposed to be a closely guarded secret, but I think someone figured it out by the third episode.

Today, they’re uploading the final episode.

I have to say, I’m very grateful to both Jergens and M2Comms for the opportunity to write the mini-series. They took a gamble with me, seeing as this is my first foray into writing for the web. (To clarify, my training is in writing for television and theater.) I was very happy when I learned that they loved my script; but not as happy when I saw the feedback that people were leaving about the mini-series.

No, Jorgendipity is far from perfect. But it’s a start. And this actually gives me the confidence to do something I’ve been meaning to do since college. (I initially thought it was during my years as an online content producer, but a fairly recent e-mail from a friend reminded me that I’ve been wanting to do this since college.)

Please watch the last episode of Jorgendipty. You’ll find it uploaded on YouTube and on the official fan page: Who is Jorgen?

And I’ll be posting updates here when I finally get around to doing my own productions. Hopefully, before the year ends.

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