Television: A mother gives up her children to care for her husband

"Magpakailanman: Susan Maniego"

Witness a different level of devotion this Saturday on Magpakailanman!

Susan Maniego is a wife who would do anything for her husband–to the point that she gave her children up, so she could stay by his side while he’s confined in the hospital–which he’s been in for more than seventeen years now!

But can a mother really turn her back on her children? Especially when one of them enters into marriage herself?

Experience the touching story of a mother and a daughter who has grown apart, find common ground in the thing that drove them from each other’s lives: marriage.

The Susan Maniego Story features Lorna Tolentino, Isabel Oli, Polo Ravales, and Mr. Michael de Mesa, in an episode directed by Laurice Guillen, with a script by Rona Lean Sales, based on the research of Loi Argel Nova. The episode also features Arnold Reyes and Sheila Marie Rodriguez.

Magpakailanman airs this Saturday night, after Vampire ang Daddy Ko.


3 thoughts on “Television: A mother gives up her children to care for her husband

  1. Give up her children to stay with her husband who is confine to sick bed for seventeen years? are you kidding me – I don’t think any mother would that, I mean yes she showed loyalty to her husband but it shouldn’t be that long.

    • Well, she didn’t give her children away to strangers. It was more of giving away the responsibility of raising the kids, so she could stay by her husband’s side. A decision her children didn’t take lightly.

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