Television: Louise delos Reyes shares unique love story in ‘Magpakailanman’

"Magpakailanman: Louise delos Reyes"

Magpakailanman has tackled many celebrity stories that share with viewers how so-and-so became famous. Tonight, Louise delos Reyes takes a different route in telling her story.

Unlike other actresses, Louise never had to go through rejections and second-bit roles. Even as a child, she was already getting cast into television commercials and other projects. Although fame did not come until later on in her career, Louise was happy with where she was and where she was going.

That is, until she met Jack.

Jack was a Korean national who came to the Philippines to study–he got more than he bargained for when he met Louise. The two hit it off–literally–when Jack’s erstwhile bag hit Louise instead of his chair. Sparks did fly–just not in a romantic way.

But when there’s attraction, fate finds a way to bring two people together–regardless of how bad their first meeting was. And soon, Jack has fallen for Louise.

It started out as friendship. And Louise was surprised to find Jack at her house one day, all dressed up to do what he learned Filipinos do when they like a girl: courting them through their parents, or as we Filipinos say ‘umakyat ng ligaw.’

Louise’s parents, although hesitant to allow their only daughter to entertain love at a young age, were impressed with Jack’s perseverance at courting her.

They allowed Louise to see Jack as more than a friend–so long as they’re always supervised.

And it seems that Louise was about to get a fairy-tale ending even though her story was just beginning.

But to get a happy ending, couples need to face a final test to their relationship. Which Louise faced when Jack suddenly stopped being there for her. Stopped being there at all.

Confused, Louise wanted to know why.

And you will find out tonight, on Magpakailanman, after Vampire ang Daddy Ko.

The Louise delos Reyes Story is written by Vienuel Ello based on the research of Jonathan Cruz, under the direction of Gil Tejada, Jr. The episode features Louise delos Reyes as herself, with Ken Chan, Jan Marini, and Jomari Yllana; also in the episode are Yassi Pressman, Rox Montealegre, and Down to Mars.


9 thoughts on “Television: Louise delos Reyes shares unique love story in ‘Magpakailanman’

  1. ..oh my gosh.. gravi. talaga,, parang korean novela lang ang buhay ni Louise…..sana someday, magkita kayu ng korean bf mo,, at magkabalikan kayu..sana talaga..

  2. the guy who played Jack, – Ken Chan, he was very effective actor. we want to see him more on teleserye. Is he a real Korean? or half fil/Korean? tell us more about him…

  3. ang ganda ng love story nla..mala korean talaga…!!!.sana magkablikan pa cla…!!!! ang cute pa naman nilang tingnan…at bagay na bagay,,,!! 😀

    ..pwd po bang malaman ang tunay na nym ni Jack????

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