Book: I Saw Da Sign

"I Saw Da Sign"

I SAW DA SIGN is a compilation of numerous Pinoy signs that are downright hilarious and ridiculous. From ‘pasok-sa-banga’ business names to savvy slogans, parodies with distinctive Pinoy twists to brow-raising ‘ano raw?!’ advertisements, random handwritten notes you see hanging on the public bathroom door to manong jeepney driver’s signboards, it showcases anything and everything spot-on Pinoy that’ll make you grin and turn red from laughing.

What has been circulating around the Internet for years has been given a new look and a new book!

I Saw Da Sign is Summit Book’s most recent coffee table book release, filled with a collection of funny signage found in and around the Metro. What sets it apart from the circulating e-mail that has pretty much the same thing? Well the photos in this one are taken from Instagram, so it has that extra hipster feel.

Read on alone and on its own, the book is pointless. But that’s why it’s a coffee table book. You leave it for house visitors to find and peruse, and who knows, conversation might start with a trigger from one of the photos in the collection.

That said, I was hoping for signs that were, well, funnier and more clever. And while the ones included in I Saw Da Sign will get a chuckle out of you, none were really laugh-out-loud funny.

I guess that’s the problem when you’re crowd-sourcing a book. Maybe next time Summit Books makes an attempt to publish a similar book, they could get an in-house photographer to make the collection tighter by providing original content for it–and actually adhering to the themes they editing team gave the book.

I Saw Da Sign sells for PhP150 in bookstores nationwide.


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