Television: PMA 3rd placer Prolen Bonacua shares his story in tonight’s ‘Magpakailanman’

"Magpakailanman: Prolen Bonacua"

All he wanted was to serve his country.

But when Prolen Bonacua first joined the army, it was met with a lot of skepticism from his family and then girlfriend. When they realized that he really does want to become a soldier, they supported his decision–although they continued to advise him on other career paths.

And it seemed that life agreed with Prolen’s family.

Chosen to be part of an exchange program that would send Prolen to the United States, the Philippine Military Academy (PMA) had the soldier undergo a slew of medical tests that revealed a heart condition.

Prolen’s chance to go the United States was taken back. And then he was discharged from the PMA on account of no longer being fit to serve.

But Prolen didn’t let this end his dream.

The soldier went to numerous hospitals to get certification that would say that his heart condition will not be a detriment to his servitude.

That is, until it was discovered that he had Stage 3 Cancer.

Find out tonight how Prolen Bonacua went from a discharged cadet to 3rd place in the PMA Class of 2013, even graduating as second lieutenant, on Magpakailanman.

“For Love of Country: The Prolen Bonacua Story” features TJ Trinidad, Camille Prats, Rez Cortez, Lovely Rivero, JC Tiuseco, Jade Lopez, Kiel Rodriguez, Alvin Aragon and Gino dela Pena; under the direction of Topel Lee, with a script by Des Garbes-Severino, based on the research of Jonathan Cruz.

Magpakailanman airs after Vampire ang Daddy Ko.


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