Book: A Calm Before Storm #5

"A Calm Before Storm #5"

Retired Private Investigator Derrick Storm was enjoying the easy life–until he fished up a decaptiated head belonging to a victim of notorious criminal, The Fear. When Derrick’s father, Carl, revealed that The Fear was teh man who killed Derrick’s mother, they both swore vengeance.

After interrupting an assassination attempt on the Russion ambassador, Derrick and Carl found themselves amidst an international crisis. Helen Pierce, Derrick’s CIA contact, forbade them from getting further involved. But instead, Derrick made a plea for help to his old flame, covert CIA agent Clara Strike.

Derrick, Clara and Carl made it into Russia, hoping to stop The Fear’s attempt at destabilizing relations between Russh and Germany. The trio interrogated a man named Viktor Mueller, who revealed The Fear’s agenda: leading a massacre during a rally at the Kremlin, wielding German weaponry.

Hoping to stop The Fear, Clara and Carl left Derrick to contend with Viktor–instead, he was ambushed by The Fear himself.

That was it?


After five issues, I thought there’d be a better way to end this series than with a half-assed attempt at “I just want to see the world burn” speech, followed by a clean-up by the same character.


I’m not saying I was expecting a masterpiece. After the filler that was Issue #4, I was just looking forward to actual plot movement and a logical turn of events. I did not expect a forced conclusion to what had become a fluff Derrick Storm story.

And to think this mini-series had actual potential!

I mean, what happened to the angle of Derrick’s mother dying at the hands of The Fear? Aside from the taunting that was to be expected, of course. Where did the pretend-I’m-dead story arc come from? What in the name of all that is good was up with the sudden reveal of a turncoat that wasn’t even foreshadowed?!

And seeing how much of a goof Derrick Storm is, I have to wonder–how did he become known as a good detective, to the point that the CIA were willing to work with him?

I can’t even–

Whoever in Marvel is in charge of the Derrick Storm title should really rethink what they’re doing to the character. I mean, I know that it’s not really a title they’re planning to sustain, as it’s just Castle merchandise at the end of the day, but the least they could do is give content that won’t take readers for fools.

But fools we are for having followed this story to the end.


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