Television: A woman goes to great lengths to protect her daughter in ‘Magpakailanman’

"Magpakailanman: Child Rape Video Scandal"

Tonight on Magpakailanman, a mother’s worst fear is realized when a nightmare scenario from her childhood happens again–to her own child.

When “Jessa Aquino,” not her real name, married her husband, she thought she was leaving a nightmare life behind. About to be a single mother, “Jessa” was just trying to get by in life–when love found her and married her. But what she thought was a fairy-tale ending proved to be a red herring as a bigger nightmare awaited her in marriage.

“Jessa” became the breadwinner of the family, leaving her husband to essentially become the housewife. What she didn’t know was that while she is away, her husband has a nasty addiction to porn–leading him to act on his lust with “Jessa’s” eldest daughter!

Confronted by the truth, “Jessa” is shell-shocked. How can something that happened to her as a child happen again? And how could she have been so wrong about her husband who she thought was going to be her family’s savior?

What will “Jessa” do for her family? For her daughter?

Find out tonight’s episode of Magpakailanman featuring Angelu de Leon, Neil Ryan Sese, and Kyle Ocampo. “Child Rape Video Scandal” is directed by Laurice Guillen, with the script by Senedy Que, based on the research of Karen Lustica.


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