Book: Angel & Faith, Live Through This

"Live Through This"

Throughout history Angel has had a lot to make up for, but it’s his most recent mistake that may forever alter the course of this fan-favorite antihero–the murder of one of Buffy’s most trusted allies. In his ongoing search for redemption, Angel firmly believes he’s found a way to make amends–by reviving the dead! Cue Faith–rebel Slayer charged with helping angel recover in the aftermath of his biggest misdeed. Out of fierce loyalty she supports his ridiculous scheme, if only to prevent him from going too far to attain his goal. Past, present, and potential future threats emerge as this unlikely duo struggles against real and personal demons while hitting the dark streets of London.

I finally found a copy of this! Now, if only I could find the rest of it–

Yes, I liked it. I’ve always been fond of Faith as a character on Buffy, the Vampire Slayer, and Angel always has this effect on Faith that makes her want to be better–I’m happy that the two characters get to share this title together.

Back when Buffy and Angel were in the television, I was more of a Buffy fan as Angel went down its darker route. Buffy was always about living life, and facing problems. Angel dwelt too much in what was done, and repentance, and atonement. And I can’t say I didn’t like it. It fit the show’s noir sensibilities. I just preferred Buffy‘s relatively lighter tone.

When Faith was introduced on Buffy, she stuck out like a sore thumb because the latter’s world did not fit her. I liked the character. I liked how we’re seeing a different kind of Slayer, one who had to make choices different from Buffy’s. One who didn’t have the support system of friends– But in Buffy’s world, she was turned into a villain. Not because of who she is, but because of who she was.

And I didn’t get this until Faith came to Angel.

Faith, as a character, really doesn’t fit on Buffy’s world because she wasn’t moving forward. She was stuck in the past, unraveling her character and the choices she made. That made her a perfect fit for Angel. And this was apparent in the few episodes of the spin-off the featured her.

Angel and Faith clicked, and not romantically. That was key. They knew who they were, and who they were trying to become. They understood each other. And they respect each other so much that they aren’t afraid to call each other out on mistakes.

And that companionship–that respect–is what makes Angel & Faith, the comic series, way better than Angel: After the Fall, even though I’ve only read the first five issues as of yet.

No offense to the people behind the latter title. Angel: After the Fall was smart. It just didn’t feel like Angel. I’m not a comics person. I picked up Angel: After the Fall because I was interested to see the characters I loved on television live on. The characters I got in the title were not those characters.

But when the story universe of Buffy and Angel merged once more, resulting in Angel & Faith–I was intrigued. And it took me forever to find a copy of the title. But based on the first five issues alone–

I’m sticking with this title.

Soon as I find the next volumes.


2 thoughts on “Book: Angel & Faith, Live Through This

  1. Love ALL things Buffy-related! Oddly enough I’ve only read the first 5 issues and I’ve got a slowly growing pile waiting for me so I can read them all at once. I’ve been reading all the Buffy comics and love Faith, I can’t wait to see what happens after…..(no spoilers!) I’m looking forward to reading more of your stuff, I mean really, Buffy Faith AND Doctor Who? This is paradise!

  2. Hi There! Don’t suffer without more Angel & Faith – check out a local or on-line comics retailer. The single issues are all for sale, as well as some collections. Issue #22 is about to come out, with I think only two more issues in this “season.” The story is indeed fantastic, and if you liked the first few, you will probably like it all. Well written, well drawn, and the characters are in-character. There are many sources – I personally use on-line comics retailer (Things from Another World) to get my issues. Best regards.

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