Book: The Superior Spider-Man, Issue #9

"Superior Spider-Man 009"

Otto Octavius is a man who cheated death, but at a price. When he exchanged bodies with Peter Parker, he gained the amazing skills of Spider-Man–and all of Peter’s memories. Otto finally understands Peter’s mission of great responsibility.

But a tiny piece of Peter Parker is still there in the Superior Spider-Man’s brain, watching Otto live out his life and trying to keep the reformed villain in check.

After engaging the Avengers, Spider-Man is forced to undergo a series of tests by them that ultimately do not reveal Ock’s possession of Peter. The Avengers release him on probation.

Spider-Man returns to the H.E.A.R.T. clinic to steal back his neurolitic scanner, but finds himself instead saving a young girl’s life who had been injured during Oc’s global warming scheme.

Ock reveals to Peter’s subconsciousness that he is now aware of him and plans on eradicating every last trace of him from his mind.

Holy mother of–

When I read online that the ninth issue was the one to watch out for, that it would change everything, I assumed that it meant this was when the team behind the title would reboot the whole thing and have the real Peter Parker back in control.

I was wrong.

I was so very wrong.

The whole issue is basically just Doc Ock and Peter Parker duking it out inside his brain, for the control of his… well, brain. And because all bets are off in fights like these, Peter gets a lot of support from… wait. That might ruin the surprise.

Let’s just say Doc Ock gives as much as he takes in this issue.

My only qualm is the absence of certain characters in the fight.

And the fact that this was basically the whole issue: Doc Ock and Peter fighting.

But the ending.

The ending was–

It really does change everything. Even more so than it already did.


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