Television: A lotto winner loses his winnings in three months

"Magpakailanman: Nasayang na Jackpot"

In tonight’s Magpakailanman, host Mel Tiangco shares with us the story of Dionie Reyes–a man who won fourteen million pesos from the lottery, and who lost it all in three months.

Dionie starts out a simple man who just wants to give his family a comfortable life. But because he lacks credentials in education, he finds it hard to look for a better-paying work. So he started to rely on winning the lottery.

His wife Minda doesn’t think anyone wins the lotto. And she says so to her husband. A non-believer, Minda carried this belief until the unbelievable happened–Dionie won the jackpot through a Lucky Pick ticket!

But what was supposed to be their happily ever after turns into a nightmare. A man like Dionie who never experienced holding a large amount of money found it hard to control his spending. To show people that he was no longer the poor guy they had to pity, Dionie gave away money, and then he spent left and right.

When Minda started trying to talk some practicality in him, he started to feel under attack. And then he started to turn to someone else for comfort. For love.

Three months after winning the lottery though, Dionie discovers that he has nothing left. His so-called friends abandoned him. The mistress who promised him love and happiness disappeared.

He is left with no one.

But there is still that one person who has always been there for him.

The question is–can Dionie swallow his pride and go back to Minda? And will Minda want him back after everything that has happened?

Find out tonight on Magpakailanman, after Vampire ang Daddy Ko. The episode features Luis Alandy and Ms Jaclyn Jose, alongside Gerard Pizzaras, Karen delos Reyes, Dexter Doria, and Milkcah Nacion, from a script written by yours truly, researched by Karen Lustica, and directed by Ricky Davao.


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