Book: Mythspace

"Myth Space"

I don’t understand. Is this supposed to be an ongoing series, or a series of stories set in one fictional universe?

See, when I got a hold of Mythspace Lift Off at last year’s local comic convention, I thought there would be four stories that deal with the what if engkantos, folklore creatures, were aliens. Different stories that handle the situation, well, differently.

Instead we get four stories set in the same universe where things are just confusing.

Lift Off (Part 2 of 3)

Lift Off is the first one I read because it ties to one of the stories in the previous Mythspace release. I wasn’t a fan of the art then, but I’m warming up to it now. Maybe because out of the four stories they released, this one looks the cleanest.

Unfortunately, if it was unclear about what’s going on with our protagonist before, it’s murkier now. In the second of three parts, our lead Ambrosio is being presented as a gift to a megalomaniac overlord. And to bridge the gap of what happened since the story cut off the last time, we get treated to flashbacks.

The premise remains interesting, but I still can’t grasp the story.

Or why I’m supposed to care for Ambrosio.

And by issue’s end, I’ve made this assumption: Lift Off is a Summer blockbuster–it’s one story. And breaking it off into three is hurting its storytelling, because readers are only privy to the now, with no clue of the before and the after. Cliffhangers only work when you actually care about the characters.

Had this been released in one go, I think Lift Off would have made a better impression on me. In its current format, I’m just– Well, I’m just concerned if it will all be worth it in the end.

Devourers of Light

I loved the style of this story. I prefer cleaner art, yes, but you have to give credit where credit is due. And the art in this story definitely has style. I just wish the story made an impression too.

I hate being negative, but I don’t get the point of this story. I don’t even feel like this was a complete story. If this were a television program or a movie, Devourers of Light was just a couple of scenes that detail what the villains are doing.

From the moment I started reading until the time I turned the last page, I wondered, what I was supposed to learn from the story– Or what am I supposed to take from this? What does the writer want to say?

I drew a blank.

But I’m open to discuss this to the others who read the story. Maybe I was looking in the wrong places?

Black Mark

Soap opera lives in comic form! Main character Mang has been living in the fringes off society after an accident killed his family. Why? It’s something you get to discover as you delve into the story. And Black Mark definitely has the makings of a great story–so long as you don’t get turned off by an introduction that runs a little too long. An introduction that didn’t feel necessary once the story actually got started.

Unlike the first two stories I’ve mentioned, Black Mark has a great handle on delivering information without taking us away from the action. That is, provided you don’t dwell on the introduction.

If there’s anything I want to ask for, it’s this: I wish the story was longer so we could have been more invested in our main character. But, hey, I could live with what we have.


And so we arrive at the best story off of this batch of Mythspace stories.

Humanity focuses on two miners, slaves to an alien race–and slaves to hope. And even with art that really messes with your mind in trying to decipher who’s who, the story is strong enough to get its point across.

I like it so much that I’m actually at a loss as to what to say. So how shall I put this?

If you can only afford one out of the four Mythspace stories? Get this one.


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