Web: Sorted Food


I love cooking, but I’m not a fan of cooking shows. Mostly because they cook meals that I have no intention of eating, or they do so much for one meal that it just doesn’t seem to be worth it.

And then I stumbled upon Sorted.

Sorted is a bunch of guys, friends from childhood, who seek to bring more of their generation (our generation? I think they’re younger than I am though–) back into the kitchen, by presenting easy-to-do meals that you’d actually want to eat.

I won’t go into detail of how they started, you can check that out at their website. The point of this post is not to write a feature about them, though that is sort of what I’m doing. But, the long short of it, is I’m sharing with you what is currently my go-to YouTube channel for a quick break in between deadlines: Sorted Food.

Now, I’ve first heard of them from Charlie McDonnell, another YouTube personality I follow, who had them over at his new digs a few years ago. I don’t remember watching that video, or being interested enough in kitchen raids, to have get intrigued by who the Sorted crew was.

And then, a few months ago, I searched for a macaron recipe, clicked on a Sorted YouTube video, and never looked back.

Well, there was a lot of looking back. As I said, this is my quick fix for those short breaks. But the easy-to-follow cooking instructions, the banter, and the camaraderie of the people in the group will whet your appetite for more. Clicking on one video does not ensure that you will end with just having watched one video.

The Sorted Food channel is easy-viewing. And because the videos never really last more than ten minutes, you keep wanting to watch more.

And more.

And, you know what? I think it’s better if I let a couple of their videos do the convincing. Here’s my favorite so far of all the ones I’ve seen:

What do you think?

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