Book: The Filipino Heroes League, Book Two

"The Filipino Heroes League, Book 2"

In a final desperate move to cling to power amid the scandal of the Opposition Assassinations, President Reyes declares Martial Law.

The Filipino Heroes League beleive that by doing so the president has fallen into a carefully laid trap constructed by Touch and his cronies.

Before the President falls even deeper into the Touch’s schemes, the FHL draw up a desperate plan to save him.

They plan to kidnap him.

My first reaction after reading the book was this: what the actual f–?!?! It’s been two years since the first book was released, so I was hoping for something more in the second book. More, being the keyword. The book ends way too quickly. I feel like I had just opened the book, and it’s already ending.

Pacing-wise, I like the first book better. It felt like so much more happened there. But the second book isn’t bad. It’s just having a hard time living up to the awesome-ness of the first book–and the two-year wait we had to endure in between books.

I’ve noticed though that this book reads more like a television program than a comic book, an episode of a superhero-based show, to be specific. All the elements are there: the cutaways to scenes that will catch attention, but whose only purpose is to be the outside force pushing the story forward; the dialogue that runs over several scenes, connecting events and feelings and character development to the story arc; there’s even stunt casting in the form of the All-American Girl who doesn’t really do much except provide a much-needed break from the seriousness of everything that’s happening.

Then again, if there’s one media form that’s closest to comics anyway, it’s television.

Character-wise, we’re clearly seeing Vis, the superhero known as Invisiboy, stepping up to the main character role. He’s the one with conflict, and the one who is being set up to face a great betrayal. Kidlat Kid, is being written as a comic relief, and Flashllight has stepped back into the shadows now that the majority of the exposition has already been conveyed.

No one broke character from what was established in the first book. Unfortunately, aside from Vis, no one was really developed either. Which, while reading the book, you wouldn’t mind. It’s when you’re analyzing the book that it begins to be a problem.

Overall, I might have expected too much from the second book of Filipino Heroes League. But during the twenty minutes I spent reading it, I enjoyed the book for what it was: escape with harsh truth peppered in.

I just wish that the next book would have more meat in it. And that it would arrive sooner.

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